Comic-Con-International-San-DiegoToday there are conventions all over the country including New York, Seattle, Denver, and Chicago, and each is unique. Choosing a con is all about where your geeky interests lie, whether with super heroes, anime, Star Trek, or gaming. Here are some of the top conventions to head to in 2014, and let your geek flag fly high.

Comic-Con International: San Diego, July 24–27, 2014

Comic-Con, the convention that most geeks think of when thinking of attending a con, began in 1970 with only one day of events, two special guests and 100 attendees. Later that same year, another three-day event was held and drew 300 attendees. In 2012, there were over 130,000 in attendance, with thousands of special guests, and the tickets sold out in just 93 minutes.

Though named for a love of comics by the original organizers, the convention covers science fiction and fantasy literature and related films and TV shows. You’ll find many popular guests at Comic-Con that include casts of TV shows (such as ArrowDoctor Who, and The Big Bang Theory in 2013) and sci-fi books and movies, such as the cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Dragon*Con, August 29 – September 1, 2014

Like Comic-Con, Dragon Con has a wide focus that includes everything science fiction and fantasy including gaming, art, music, film, comics and literature. This convention, held in Atlanta, Georgia, began in 1987 and attracts over 50,000 attendees each year. As with other similar conventions, many attendees dress in cosplay of their favorite characters, with a wide range of genres represented. One thing that makes Dragon Con stand out that s it’s considered a party convention, with events happening 24 hours a day for four days.

Game Developers Conference, March 17–21, 2014

For those who love creating video games, Game Developers Conference is the place to be. This conference takes place Monday through Friday with tutorials, boot camps, round table discussions, and lectures. It began in the living room of a notable game designer that has expanded to over 23,000 attendees. Though originally covering computer games, it’s expanded to gaming consoles, handheld devices, and online games. With the Oakland International Airport and San Francisco Airport both nearby, you can look for car rentals from Thrifty at the airport and drive over to the convention.

WonderCon, April 18–20, 2014

A sister convention to Comic-Con, WonderCon has been around since 1987. This is for those who truly love comics, as this is one of the best places to find rare comic books. The convention was folded into the Comic-Con name in 2001 and has been a part of the family of conventions ever since. It’s also a great location for those looking for autographs of comic book artists. Artists this year will include Cliff Chiang, artist for Wonder Woman; Katie Cook, writer/artist of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic; Marjorie Liu, writer for Astonishing X-Men; and many more.

Conventions are a great way to be around like-minded geeks who love the same things that you do. It’s a chance to cosplay, meet your idols, hear wonderful lectures, and have a fun time. There are so many conventions around the country, you’re sure to find one that piques your interest.