Pedestrian-TurnstilesGetting in and out of secure buildings or locations used to be a matter of locked doors, high fences and costly security guards.  But with advancements in automation and technology, pedestrian turnstiles have revolutionized the security industry, giving companies and organizations a cost-effective way to manage the flow of traffic moving in and out of their secure locations. 

If you're considering pedestrian turnstiles for your high-traffic area, you'll want to know the “ins and outs” of the turnstile industry to help you make the best possible choice, ensuring you choose the right turnstile.

Picking the Right Pedestrian Turnstile for Security

First, you should understand that there are many different types of security minded turnstiles.  From your standard three-arm turnstile that sits waist-high which you might see on the train or metro, to the full-height turnstile gates that strike imposing figures from afar.  There are even barrier-free Optical security turnstiles which removes some of the imposing nature from the scene, but still provides a high-tech, highly-secure entry point. 

You can also choose from a number of different control requirements including automatic turnstiles that don't have to be manned or supervised, turnstiles that are operated by a security guard.  Further, you can completely customize your turnstile by choosing from finishes such as stainless steel, powder coat and hot-dipped galvanized steel, and by adjusting the number of rotors or arms on the model.  You can integrate the turnstiles into your current system or completely rebuild your secure operations.  Finally, you can add cutting-edge technology and features to prevent breaches through fraud, hopping, ducking or tailgating.

Full-height Turnstiles Act as Visible Detriments to Security Breaches

There are three layouts for full-height turnstiles which are generally offered:

  1. Full-Height Single—Stylish security that you can completely customize. Allows one single passage at a time.
  2. Full-Height Tandem—Essentially the full-height single, but allowing two people to pass at a time.  Great for higher traffic areas since it eliminates bottlenecking.
  3. Full-Height Manual Passage Gate—Manual and electronic locking access option gates with matching turnstiles and barriers.

Optical Turnstiles Removes Physical Restraints and Replaces it with Technology

If a lower profile of security is needed, optical restraints remove the restrictive qualities of standard turnstiles, creating a freer environment for traffic flow.  These operate best in places where ID cards are used.  And while they might take the physicality out of security, it puts something more mentally imposing in place: technology.  Here are some advantages to optical turnstiles:

  • Barrier-free so the flow of traffic is rapid.
  • Security is still in place so tailgating is not an option for those trying to breach.
  • Fully customizable finishes and colors to fit in with the design of the location
  • Compliancewith current procedures and protocol
  • Sounds audibly when IDs are rejected
  • Bi-directional functionality

Waist-high Turnstiles Demand Order

Generally, waist-high turnstiles don't have the imposing look that full-height turnstiles do, nor do they have the impending technological “eye” that is watching you, but they do still command respect and order.  They are efficient ways to control the flow of pedestrians which is why they are used in many offices, banks, museums and pay-per-ride locations.

They are available in finishes such as satin stainless or a powder coat can include finely crafted wooden cabinetry and are fully customizable.

Electronic Turnstiles Improve Performance

There are three main styles of electronic turnstiles, each categorized by their configuration:

  1. Standard half-height giving you Bar, Gate, and Round turnstiles
  2. The higher-end EasyGate turnstile
  3. The more security minded Rexon turnstile

All help you manage high pedestrian traffic while controlling special access, yet still provides the most secure functionality and are as aesthetically pleasing as non-electronic turnstiles.  When you need security and automation in the same unit, electronic turnstiles gives you more bang for your buck.  With their fully-customizable make, you can pick and choose the security and access features that best suit the needs of your company and location.

Since these models are all fully engine-run and motorized, they don't have to be monitored, cutting down on man hours and cost.  Plus, they respond to pedestrian pressure meaning that they are completely self-adjusting and run smoothly and quietly.  They are full integratable into your existing system or they can provide a cost-effective way to totally revamp your system.  Finish these turnstiles off with glass, corian, and marble, joined with stainless steel, brass, or bronze for the utmost in elegance and security design.

Choosing the Best Options for Pedestrian Turnstiles

Aside from your security, integration and design needs, you'll also have to take your budget into account.  Pedestrian turnstiles can come at a high price, but none too high as the price you can pay for breached security!  Still, it's important that you don't overpay for your turnstiles. 

Author Bio – This guest post is written by Eoghan Connolly from Advance Systems Access Control Solutions, a premier company in Ireland specialising in cloud hosted solutions, time and attendance systems, entry systems and security turnstile systems. To find out how you can save money on the most popular and effective pedestrian turnstiles available don’t forget to check out the Advance Access turnstile blog articles today.