Reasons-Buy-FIFA-14With the World Cup taking place in 2014, you knew that this year's FIFA was going to be good—but did you know it was going to be this good?  From all early gameplay and feedback, FIFA 14 is the best FIFA yet.  Of course, this is what we've come to expect from a top-notch EA franchise video game—for them to get better each and every year.  But FIFA 14 is so much better than 13, it's apparent they stepped up their game due to the upcoming Brazil World Cup and really scored a goal on this one—and then pulled their shirts over their heads and ran off the field!

Four Reasons You Need to Check Out FIFA 14

So what makes FIFA 14 so amazingly spectacular?  Well, EA gave us 14 reasons themselves, but not all of them were so standout amazing.  We've narrowed it down to the top four reasons you need to pick up a copy of FIFA 14 so lace up your cleats, put on your favorite club jersey and let's get started!

  • Improvements to AI Mean More Realism.  Probably the biggest thing that the hardcore sports gamer looks for in games each year is a boost to the AI from last year.  If you're like me, you've had a whole year to get used to the computer's moves, learn the tricks for scoring from each angle and generally, whip up on the computer whenever you play.  Well for FIFA 14, prepare to get your socks handed to you.  This is by far the biggest leap in AI that FIFA and EA has made in years, giving us one of the most powerful iterations in the history of football/soccer gaming.  Watch for the defense to exploit your open space and counter-attack like never before.  Think the ball is safe in Messi's feet?  Think again, you're about to get robbed.  Overall, the AI is unpredictable with their offensive and defensive schemes, they make smarter choices and exploit your weaknesses as a team and as a player.  That's right—if you suck at playing, choosing Chelsea FC is not going to save you.  Up your game or go home crying!  (Well, don't cry about it!)
  • More Licensing Means More Teams.  The guys over at EA are pretty impressive year in and year out when it comes to getting more teams on the screen—this year is no different.  The licensing efforts put forth by EA in 2014 mean a ton more teams for you to pick, stadiums to play, football clubs to choose and leagues to destroy.  FIFA 14 has more teams, leagues, clubs and divisions available to you than any other soccer/football game ever made.  You can pick a classic team like the Montenegro national club or if you're more of a league person, EA has licensed with Palmeiras, meaning you can play as all 20 of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A clubs from FIFA 2013, plus one.  Probably most exciting for fans of Brasil is that the Brazilian National Football Team is now available on FIFA 14 for the first time since 2010.  Plus, the newly added Polish and Welsh teams round out the field of selection, bringing your favorite teams, clubs, players and nations right into your home.
  • Pure Shot Mechanics for Unique Scoring.   FIFA 14 also has a new mechanics system for shooting and scoring called Pure Shot Mechanics.  Now you can capture all the momentum and excitement from a shot like Rooney's bicycle goal on MC or Maradona's Goal of the Century over England. Thanks to Pure Shot and its groundbreaking ball physics, you can use a perfect strike to hit the ball in ways never before imagined. This leads to one key element that has gamers everywhere excited: you will never score the same goal twice with Pure Shot Mechanics in place.  Just like in real life, every situation is unique.  Every pass comes at a different speed, from a different angle with a different spin; the defense is never running at you from the same place at the same speed with the same players bearing down onyou; the wind is never exactly the same—heck, even what you had for breakfast that morning isn't the same. Every little element in real life makes each goal a unique experience—now it does in FIFA 14 as well.  This is the absolute closest that any FIFA game has ever come to capturing a real match.  It's actually a little scary.
  • Ultimate Team Legends for Ultimate Fantasy.  Finally, if you only need one reason to pick up FIFA 14, the Legends Ultimate Team mode is it.  This is exclusive to Xboxers, but still, you can play as Pele, Gullit, Maldini, Kluivert—all on the same team.  The legends mode means you can have Messi, Pele, Rooney and Fowler on the same pitch as Neville and Ronaldo. To say it's insane is putting it lightly.  What's your all-time perfect team?

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