Jailbreak-Your-iPhoneFor many iPhone users, jailbreaking is a procedure that is widely known and much-talked about, yet it remains somewhat of an elusive topic. For those still left in the dark, jailbreaking is the act of rooting your phone and allowing permission to install system applications and tweaks to your phone that bypass the Apple-approved signature. Apple is well-aware of jailbreaking but simply turns a blind eye due to the nature of the process, voiding any sort of guarantee that it carries within itbs designed purposes.

This list, however, will guide you in seeing the countless benefits of jailbreaking your iPhone, and proving that it can be not only an easy process (as seen here), but one that potentially gives your phone that extra bit of freedom in customization and functionality that can make your mobile experience much more pleasurable.

Customize the Control Center toggles.

This is done through an app called FlipControlCenter. It essentially allows users to customize and replace the toggles across Control Center bar such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Rotation Lock, etc.. Currently, Apple does not allow you to swap out these switches or rearrange the button order, but with this tweak, it is made fully possible.

Some of the newer options that FlipControlCenter allows you to add-in are buttons for accessing Settings, Respring, Vibration, LTE, and many more.

Warm and cool your display color settings.

This may seem like a gimmicky tweak at a glance, but actually it can work marvels for your eyesight. Using f.lux, users have the ability to either warm up and cool down the colors on their displays, to work in conjunction with the surrounding light around the user.

A practical application of this would be at night if youbre checking your phone. A slightly warmer colored screen is much easier on the eyes and doesnbt make the screen look like a blinding light amidst the darkness of the room.

Change your carrier logo.

This is a simple, yet fun tweak that can be implemented via Zeppelin. It allows phone users to swap out the carrier logos and names at the top of the Home Screen, replacing it with a logo much more personalized, such as the Batman, Apple, or even Transformers logo.

Create custom ringtones.

An app called Unlim Tones from the Cydia store (not to be confused with the Apple App Storebs Unlimtones) is your key to custom ringtones done properly. Unlike all the custom ringtone apps in the Apple store that require syncing your tones to a computer, Unlim Tones allows you to create your ringtones, save them, and place them directly into your Settings automatically, all within the confines of your phone. Convenient!

Kill all of your open multi-task apps in one fell swoop.

A feature such as this is excellent for those constantly running multiple apps or forgetting about previously opened ones. SwitchSpring is a tweak that allows you easily close all open programs with a single swipe.

Browse your phones internal files and folders.

Much like you would in a computer, iFile allows you to delve deep into your phonebs inner folders to help you in a variety of ways. Developers will find great use in a program like this, but to the everyday user, it can be beneficial for things such as saving documents and files through Safari or any other iOS web browser, allowing your phone to manage files in a similar way a computer would.

Customize the swipe animations of Home Screen.

A widely popular tweak that does this is Barrel. It allows animation on the main menu to flow in a number of cool and interesting ways. And though it serves more of an aesthetical appeal, it is still a fantastic design tweak that jazzes things up in a fun way.

Change your iPhonebs system font.

FontSwap is the app that allows you to do just that. Anyone looking to add that extra bit of personalization will embrace this tweak. It enables users to adjust various forms of text such as that found in Notes, Lock Screen, and even on the actual keyboard.

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