Dell-Venue-8-ProModern mobile devices have changed our lives in countless ways – many of which we hardly even notice because they have become so integral to our daily routines. Only twenty years ago (or less), most of us had no mobile phones to call friends from and our computers were huge and black and white. Today we carry countless devices on us at all times that are capable of keeping us in touch with friends and colleagues, but also helping us navigate to our destination, take notes, take photos, entertain ourselves, stay productive and much more.

One of the biggest impacts this has had is on business and the way we now work. For many of us, work is now something we can do remotely using devices that are small enough to sling in a bag but powerful enough to do all the kind of work we'd once have had to do in an office.

But which devices are the best for this remote style of work? What form factors best lend themselves to setting up shop in a coffee shop or on a train? Let's take a look at some of the best ones here…

Dell Venue 8 Pro

The Dell Venue 8 Pro has to be one of my favourite devices currently for working on the move. What this is is essentially an eight inch tablet that nevertheless runs full Windows 8.1. That means that you can run all your usual 32bit Windows apps, including photo editing software, programming tools, computer games and more. The device runs on an atom processor so it's not the most powerful in the world, but this also means that it's incredibly light and can go a long time between charges. Similarly, although the small Windows desktop is quite fiddly to use on an 8inch touchscreen device, the 'Metro mode' apps make up for this, as does the optional stylus to some extent.

The Surface Pro 2

Stepping up in power a bit is the Surface Pro 2. This is Microsoft's 'reference hardware', designed to show off precisely what Windows 8.1 is capable of, and packed into a sleek and light body. Essentially it's a tablet form factor running full Windows 8.1 pro on an Intel Haswell processor. It comes in models sporting up to 8GB of RAM, has a beautiful screen and also features an option keyboard cover that allows it to be used as a full laptop. The battery will last you about eight days, and there's truly no way to experience a smoother version of Windows. This is a powerhouse in the body of a tablet and it's possibly the most flexible and capable hybrid computer you can throw in a messenger bag. It's just a shame that it also carries a premium price tag.

The Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 is a smartphone and not generally something you would normally use to do your work, but the impressive specs, some smart software features and a big screen all mean that it's actually possible to get quite a lot done here. Note only does the Note 3's stylus lend itself perfectly to taking notes on a  coach, but the multiscreen feature means that you can happily be writing an article in Kingsoft office while looking at Wikipedia at the same time.

Or at least you can if you're willing to root your device… Unfortunately the multitasking features from Samsung are quite limited unless you are willing to use some wizardry to get around them. Even without rooting though, the Note 3 is still a powerful device and perhaps the most productive smartphone on the market at the moment.

The iPad

The iPad may not be quite as powerful as the Surface Pro 2 for true productivity, but it is nevertheless a capable device that is becoming more and more popular among businesses and this is in no small part thanks to the huge number of different apps available that allow you to do almost anything you could think of.

With a device like an iPad or Note 3 along with a Bluetooth keyboard, there's no reason why you can't easily write articles, answer e-mails and even create spreadsheets on the move on a bus rental or a train.

The author of this article, Shruti Vaghe, is a freelance blogger currently writing for US Coachways, providers of bus charter tours in Los Angeles. You can follow her on Twitter at @ShrutiVaghe to know more about her.