CamerasIf there is one certain thing about technology, it is the fact that technology is constantly growing and changing. The devices that you use now will most likely be outdated in five years. Let's take a look at five old technologies that have come a long way thanks to technological developments.


Fifteen years ago, most of us used cameras that contained traditional film. Next, digital cameras exploded onto the scene. Now, digital cameras are fading because of cell phone cameras. When you purchase a smart phone, many devices also contain a high quality camera. The photos can rival those from more expensive digital cameras, so digital camera sales have greatly decreased.


Perhaps nothing has changed more over the last decade than phones. Cell phones have come smaller, more powerful and packed with an incredible list of features. Today, many consumers could not dream of living without their smart phones. Phones are not used just to make calls. They are also used to surf the web, play games, record video, chat with people around the world and so much more.


Microscopes are no longer just for use in expensive research laboratories, and today's microscopes offer an incredible range of technological applications. Websites such as offer microscopes that interface with iPads, microscopes that take high quality digital photos, and many other exciting technologically advanced versions of this device we all used in childhood science classes.


One of the biggest technological changes in the last five years has been the incredible development of computers. Laptop computers used to be the newest thing in portable technology, but today's users want even smaller, more portable devices. Tablet computers have risen to prominence over the last couple of years. These reasonably priced, easy to use devices can complete almost all of the same tasks as a computer.

Gaming Systems

In the past, gamers sat with a controller in hand while they played video games. Today, video gaming is active instead of passive. The Nintendo Wii and XBox Kinect allow you to truly become a part of the gaming experience. In addition, crisp graphics and expanded story lines have brought gaming to a whole new level.

Technology is sure to keep advancing. It is impossible to keep up with every development, but it is exciting to think of what could be in store for our future.