Why-choose-VoIPVoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology which was developed to make communications possible over the Internet. This technology emerged in order to enable voice communication in any corner of the world. Generally making outbound calls from any place in this world is quite hefty with the conventional telephony. VoIP makes calling very economic. Supposing you have to make a call to someone residing in a different country, the first thought to strike your mind is the phone bill. VoIP has started eradicating the conventional telephone systems as it is efficient enough in cutting down the call costs that you normally had to pay with the legacy system.

Every technology comes up with some pros and cons, and so is the case with VoIP, but the benefits that it offers largely surpasses the drawbacks attached to the use of VoIP.

Let us summarize some of the major benefits of VoIP and how it can completely modify your business communications.

Improves the Economy by saving money

VoIP has become one of the most acceptable medium for making phone calls. VoIP works over the Internet and breaks the voice packets into pieces at the caller’s end. These voice packets are transmitted over the Internet to the receiver. At the receiver’s end, these pieces are reassembled together or are translated into an analog signal.

VoIP calls are comparatively cheaper as compared to the traditional analog phone lines. Most of the service providers have plans starting from just $9.95 a month. Besides this, VoIP provides free domestic long distance calling, free calling between users on same server but having different extensions, and more. Unlike any calling plans on an analog phone, VoIP significantly reduces the calling rates of international calls. This is only possible because VoIP uses the Internet for transmission of calls.

With PSTN, you need to pay for every single minute of calling whereas; with VoIP you only need to pay the monthly Internet bill to your Internet Service Provider. Research shows that VoIP allows you to save up to 90 % on international calls and up to 40 % on local calls.

Hardware and Software at very economic rates

If you already use the Internet and willing to use VoIP as a system for communication, all that you require in addition besides your Internet connection and personal computer includes a speaker, a microphone, and a sound card. These hardware are available at quite affordable rates. Besides this, there are numerous software and Softphones which can be downloaded from the Internet and used for the purpose of communication. X-Lite and QuteCom are some of the well-known examples of such applications. Unlike the conventional telephony, with VoIP you do not require expensive telephone sets and underlying hardware. This feature makes VoIP very suitable for Small and Medium Businesses.

Establishing communication with more than two people at a time

With the conventional telephony, only two people can talk at a time. VoIP surpasses conventional telephony even in this aspect. It allows a team to talk to one another in real-time by establishing a conferencing system. This conferencing can be via voice and/or video. VoIP works by compressing the voice and data packets during their transmission. This compression allows more data to be handled over the carrier network, thus allowing many calls to be handled on a single access line.

Plenty of Fascinating, Advanced and Sophisticated Features

VoIP is an amalgamation of highly advanced features. Once you use VoIP, you will surely experience that your entire way of communication has been refined from what it used to be earlier. The features that come up with VoIP will definitely make your entire communication experience resplendent and sophisticated. This will surely help you in improving your business. Some of the features associated with VoIP are:

  • Find me/Follow me call routing
  • Voicemail to email transcription
  • Call screening
  • Music on hold
  • Conferencing
  • Auto attendant
  • Caller ID
  • Virtual and Toll-free numbers

All the above features and more, allow you to manage your calls in a better way. Moreover, VoIP also helps you in establishing a virtual presence in the countries where your clients are based. This feature helps you in expanding your business and making you more and more globalized.

Author Bio: Viola Allen is a VoIP and SIP expert and is currently employed with SIPTrunk Providers DotCom. Her passion is to write about the recent technological advancements and their impact in business sector.