Fruit-NinjaAs a parent we love our kids a lot, but there are some times when every parent needs some rest, quiet and peace. Perhaps it’s the time when we are packing for some business or family trip, a client phone call or preparing for dinner. But our naughty angels complaining that they are being bored, asking to play with them or trying to break dance on the upstairs. Now the question is what and how to occupy them happily?

Well, luckily there is a huge amount of apps in the online market even for mobile devices to keep your kid much occupied devoid of spoiling their minds. Most of them are educational and fun, while other apps are helpful in hand-eye coordination. These apps are for all age’s kids that helping them to engage easily during our busy times in which we need to get the things done.

Fruit Ninja

A great and one of my favorite Android, iPad, Windows Phone, iPhone and mobile platform apps which cost only $0.99. This app is best for 4 years and up kids. This great fun Fruit Ninja app is all about smashing bananas Apple and other colorful assorted fruits. A Kid need to control the touch pad of the mobile device to slice the fruits in half. Fruit Ninja is just the perfect game to engage your little kid.


Androidify is a Free game app for kids, which are 4 years or more than that. It is basically a dress-up app. Yes, we can find a lot of dress-up games apps on Android. But Androidify is much better, for the reason that this app is no gender-specific. Moreover, it provides an extensive number of accessories, hairstyles and colors. It lets your kids create fictional person and families that other apps don’t. 

Stack the States

Stack the States fun and educational app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch platform which cost as low as $0.99 and created for the kids of 4years and more. Did you ever think learning about almost 50 states can be fun? Yes, this amazing Stack the States app made it fun. It is a quiz style app that helps your kid learning such things as the shapes, states as well as geographic locations. By answering correct of each question gives a random state with cute face afterward the task is to make a stack of states that attains a checkered line to succeed each level.

Jewels Deluxe

Jewels Deluxe is a free and easy app that even your small kid can scrawl his fingers on the board rapidly to increase the points. Any kid of 5 years or more can play this game easily. Furthermore, the light and sound of this app are unusually attractive.

Drawing Pad

This drawing pad app is for both the iPad as well as Android platforms have a magnificent interface that is way simpler to draw on than some other app like Sketchbook Pro. Drawing pad is also much more stylish and controlling than the other basic finger-painting apps and your child will surely understand it speedily.