Lexington-KentuckyWouldn't it be nice to move to a city where everyone was friendly and you did not have to worry about stress? That is what you can expect from the city of Lexington, Kentucky. It is considered the horse capitol of the world, and the majority of the over 250,000 population will welcome you with open arms.

Excellent Employment Opportunities

You won't have to worry about finding work in Lexington because there are plenty of great job opportunities just waiting to be had. Take the University of Lexington for example. It currently employs right around 100,000 people. These job positions vary from janitors to full time college professors. The university is by far the largest employer in the city.

Excellent Real Estate Opportunities

Finding the perfect place to live within Lexington won't be a problem because there are plenty of great pieces of property available. A local realtor will have a complete list of all the available properties in the area, and they will be able to help you locate the perfect piece of property for your needs.

Big City Life With Small Town Charm

It can be difficult to find a big city that gives you all of the big city benefits while layering on that wonderful small town charm, but that is exactly what Lexington is famous for. Even though the city sits on approximately 285 square miles of land with just over 1000 people per square mile, you would think you were in a much smaller city. One quick stroll down the main drag in downtown Lexington will tell you this.

Lexington really is a great place to live and raise a family. It has everything a person needs to live a well-rounded happy life. Great history, shopping, schools and medical facilities. Maybe you should be thinking about calling Lexington your new home.