How-to-earn-in-ITWhen you are asked to name jobs and occupations that will be the best paid ones in 2014, be careful what you are going to tell to those who are asking. Whatever you try think of has many sides and people who are unemployed want solutions now and here. However, one thing is for sure – the information technology field will be hiring all year long and, if we are to believe the prognosis for closer future, they will continue doing that in the whole decade. As the virtual market is growing and expanding, the number of employees needed by software developing companies is constantly on the rise. And what is more, the IT sector is not only limited by software developing companies. Apart from them, many other professions are closely connected with the information technology boom.

First of all, economists are needed and often hired in IT companies. The reason for such a link is obvious – the IT companies are earning enormous amounts of money and they need economic experts to make investments for them and, in addition to that, to follow the flow of the incoming money. That is why sales developers are also highly appreciated and required in the IT sector this year. Many companies that have software engineers or app developers also need sales and marketing experts to help them place their products on the overcrowded IT market.

Since most of the IT jobs are done in English, English teachers are also appreciated and needed in the countries where in English is not the official language, but people who want to work via the Internet are eager to learn it, so that their work becomes easier and more efficient.

To be precise and direct, the most lucrative professions in the IT field in 2014 are not the English teacher or a small business IT accountant. The real stuff is kept deep in the heart of the IT business. Probably the most looked for place is that of the IT manager. An IT manager is a person who must possess knowledge from both IT and economics. Those people are expected to be in charge of the company’s investments and its stuff, as well as new professional projects and they need to coordinate all these activities. of course, you cannot simply say “I want to be an IT manager” and wake up one day on that position. This post requires a lot of sweat and work hours, but it can be some sort of a future goal and an aim to which you might start directing your career.

While the IT manager comes at the end of that long and rocky road called the career in IT, the job of a network systems analyst is not that high. This job consists of analysing and maintaining large corporations’ computer systems. Doing this job means having a lot of responsibility for the altogether data that exist inside such huge systems. of course, if you are employed by a large corporation, you will not all the work alone, but you will be only one of many similar cogs in that huge mechanism.

IT is like a huge locomotive that pulls many different branches of economy and secures their work positions. The future growth of it will feed many other professions, as well, so we should all be glad because of that and pray that it keeps on expanding.

Ella Z. is a writer and blogger covering mostly tech and internet themes. Lately her attention is around the trends in software engineering and application developing.