Cloud-ComputingMost of you now know what a ‘cloud represents’ but you might be unfamiliar with the depth of greatness it possesses. Cloud computing is the current superhero of the worldwide IT industry and this is no exaggeration.

Metaphorically, the whole world is on the cloud. And if you want to follow the herd, then you have about 600 million reasons why you should be using cloud computing.

Why Cloud Computing?

1.Money Talks:

- Cloud computing universally follows the PAY-AS-YOU-GO mantra. You only need to pay for what you use and that’s it. Sounds simple enough?

- Gone are the days of pre monthly rentals or any pre-requisite charges. It cuts down any hardware costs, maintenance costs, security costs, management costs etc. as every possible aspect is effectively handled by your cloud service provider.

  • There is absolutely no need to pay for any new updates or additional backup/recovery schemes.
  • Moreover, the healthy ROI [Return On Investment] acts as the icing on the cake.

2.The Anytime Anywhere Aspect:

- The fact that cloud computing is quite literally universal sets it apart from any other technology around and gives it that added edge.

  • The users have the innate power to access their precious data/information anytime, any day from anywhere in the world. All you need is INTERNET and a respectively compatible device to access it from.
  • This has given portability a whole new dimension which was previously unseen.

- This business portability aspect has brought together companies, organizations and their staff working in cohesion through mere screens. Pretty unreal isn’t it? You might want to pinch yourself after all as this characteristic is actually as good as it sounds.

3.No Need for an IT Staff:

  • Wave your goodbyes to your current IT staff and all the hassle that goes along with it.
  • One of the most revolutionary aspects of this technology is VIRTUALIZATION.
  • All the overheads caused, the losses suffered and the resultant failures due to inefficiency, complacency or the complexity of your IT staff can no longer haunt you.
  • Cloud computing automatically sets up your whole organization nucleus effortlessly in turn mitigating the need to have your own IT team. This not only saves personnel expenses but also installation, maintenance and troubleshooting costs.
  • Additionally, it provides round-the-clock support i.e.24x7 availability.
    It is analogous to hiring the best nanny in the world for your company.


  • Cloud has its own security blanket which is one of the most potent attributes making it universally acceptable.
  • In a cyber-crime driven world, threats, attacks, failures are inevitable. In those terms, cloud security is as robust as it gets.
  • Automated security is readily provided via extensive encryption, dependable firewalls, anti-virus tools and 24x7 data monitoring.
  • Moreover, its backup and recovery capabilities via multiple redundancies and dual backups provide an additional sense of security.
  • If you still think that having over 600 million users compromises the sense of security attached with cloud computing, think again!

5.The Trio of Scalability, Reliability and Flexibility:

  • These features are seamlessly incorporated by cloud computing in turn improving the efficiency of the organization as a whole.
  • Dynamic scaling of programs, incorporation of new devices with ease, automated upgradation of services- All this is made possible by cloud computing.
  • It provides reliable environments coinciding with backup, recovery and replication schemes. In case of probable failure, it isolates every individual server so that the system stays unaffected.
  • Have you ever imagined a world where there is no limit on the size of the server that you want or the possibility of possessing infinite computing solutions at your doorstep? If yes, then stop dreaming as all this and much more has already become a reality via the conundrum of facilities cloud computing has to offer.

Conclusion: The features of cloud computing speak for themselves. So, with cloud computing what you have is a foundation of a successful organization/business. To reap its fruits, all you need to do is to adapt to the change and welcome it with open arms.

Author Bio: William Smith, is a Cloud and Mobile Technology aficionado and an efficient writer. Other than working at QuickBooks Cloud Computing DotNet he actively participates in various forum discussions, writing blogs and articles on topics like latest mobile apps, updates of Operating systems, Cloud computing services such as QuickBooks computing, etc.