Back-Up-Text-MessagesIn today's world, smart phones have offered endless possibilities consumers. Since there are so many applications for sending messages for free, but with the presence of this wonderful technology available, there is an existence of applications that can be used to protect the messages. If you're one of the people who talk to friends or loved ones and want your call to make valuable message, There are many companies who have developed Text Messaging Apps for users Enterprise Mobility is part of them. If we look at Google Store, It offers a range of applications that can help you protect your information text or data and you can create backup for text messages.

In this Article we have shortlisted 6 Awesome Mobile Apps to backup your Text Messages:

My First Backup Pro

My Backup Pro is an application for your Android device, if you want to back up everything. You can do these things with the option of programming your photos , apps , call log , contacts , browser bookmarks , text messages ( SMS ) message attachments ( MMS ) , calendar , SD card or backup cloud and on each thing . You can bring your new or existing backups on the new Android phone. Migrating property system lets you move photos, music, videos, system data and other things directly from one system to another.

SMS Backup +

SMS Backup + is a practical and effective application, which is used to backup your text messages, like MMS by using separate labels from your Google Calendar or Gmail account automatically. This app is developed with this app you can also restore SMS and call entries back to your Android device log, although the MMS are not supported yet.


Mysms is a standalone application messages application which provides full backup services for your sms, and it helps normal user to manage sms data easily. Another advantage of this application is that you can do SMS from any device, such as tablets or PC sync application acquires the information from your Android device and uses your last number of Android phone. This mobile app is developed most advanced android application development technologies.  It has great user-friendly interface


Upiddy is another awesome Andriod application to start with, it has excellent user interface to manage SMS messages., Firstly you need to install this application, connect to the cloud and your photos , videos and texts are automatically saved in the secure cloud. It follows new cloud technology which is considered as most safe technology in the world. It is capable of backing up your photos, videos and texts. You can save your data or information into Evernote.

SMS Backup and Restore

SMS Backup & Restore is a simple Android application for your Android device, which helps in creating backup and restoring text messages on for your device. . With this app, you can make a regular XML files to backup your SMS data . Also, you can send these backup files to Google Drive or Dropbox, or it can be sent by email. The format of the backup is not dependent on the version of Android, so that SMS messages can be transmitted from one device to another easily, regardless of your version of Android.