Galaxy-Note-3As technology progresses, one of the most common trends we are seeing is that it is getting much smaller and more portable. This is due to a process called 'convergence' which is seeing single, much smaller devices performing multiple tasks that were once handled by multiple larger pieces of technology.

Take a device such as the Galaxy Note 3. Sure, that’s a pretty large phone, but it's also much more than a phone.

For one, the large screen size of the Galaxy Note 3 means that you can use it comfortably as a tablet. The large dimensions make it a joy to read books and articles on the display and you can even multitask with it meaning you can watch a film while at the same time browsing the web.

This means that in theory you could also do some serious work on the Note by using a word processing piece of software alongside a web browser to get research for your writing. Combine this with the stylus and you also have a great note-taking gadget.

Of course like any phone these days the Note also has GPS and a camera built-in as well as an MP3 player. You can download the Kindle app and you can even use the IR blaster as a TV remote. In short then, this one device is a camera, notebook, novel, tablet, computer, graphics tablet, mp3 player, sat nav and more all in a form factor that will fit in your pocket.

This is perhaps the pinnacle of conversion in the most traditional sense, but now new developments are taking us in some even more interesting directions with portable technology…


One example of 'even more portable' technology is wearable technology. This includes things such as Samsung's 'Galaxy Gear' smartwatch (as well as many other smartwatches currently in development). This is a device designed to be used alongside the Galaxy Note 3 interestingly enough and that allows you to see your phone's notifications by simply glancing at your wrist. You can even take and make phone calls and read your e-mails. And if you know how to side-load apps then you can play games like Candy Crush on the tiny Android device as well.

Other examples of smartwatches include many of the fitness trackers from companies like Sony, the more stylish but limited Smartwatch known as the 'Pebble'. Other examples of wearable technology that aren't watches meanwhile include Google Glass, the Durovis Dive and the Vuzix M100. Smart phones mean that we now only have to carry one piece of technology on us, but when wearables really become as popular as they are expected too we will possibly not even have to remember to pick up our phones – our highly-capable technology will be already 'about our person' at all times.

Project Christine

Another interesting demonstration from CES 2014 was Razer's impressive 'Project Christine'. While smart devices are making technology that's small enough to fit in our pocket, larger devices will always have the potential to be more powerful and this creates a problem when you're going to be moving home, or when you want to keep your study looking minimalist.

Project Christine attempts to solve this problem with a modular design. Rather than having one huge computer tower housing tons of wires, Project Christine will allow tech fans to simply remove and swap modules to modify their RAM, harddisk space and processor. This brings all the power and flexibility of PC computing, but puts it in a far more flexible and compact chassis making life easier and tidier around the home.

Foldable Screens

Though they didn't get much attention at CES 2013, in 2013 Samsung were keen to demonstrate to the world their flexible displays that could be warped or bent and this year we've seen the release of a couple of 'curved' devices such as the Galaxy 'Round' phone to demonstrate the potential of this technology.

What's more interesting though is how this technology might be used in future – allowing you to 'fold up' your phone perhaps and put it in your pocket. Now that will be high tech convergence!

This post has been authored by, Shruti Vaghe, a freelance blogger who enjoys sharing her ideas and experiences online. She is a part of the team at Tender Touch, a renowned moving and Storage Company.  She is passionate about cycling and is always looking to help amateur riders. You can follow her on Twitter @ShrutiVaghe.