Qualities-High-End-HeadphonesA good pair of headphones has to be durable and deliver the sound that you expect them to. They also have to store well, travel well and have multiple connectivity options. The ability to use one pair of headphones on multiple devices is optimal. When you are considering the purchase of a pair of high-end headphones, keep these and the items below in mind to ensure that you are making an educated purchase.

No Distortion

Quality headphones should not distort at high volumes. They should be able to withstand heavy bass for long periods of time without compromising the delivery of sound to the user. Treble and vocal tones should also not distort at higher volumes. Every note and word should be heard clearly, even with a poor recording.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is important. When you’re in the middle of your favourite song, the last thing that you want to hear is the train that is passing by as an example. The only thing that you should hear when listening to music, is the music. The rest of the world should not exist unless you want it to.

In-Line Controls

In-line controls for volume, skipping tracks, stopping or going backward are ideal. Rather than having to take the device the headphones are plugged into for these purposes, the headphones cord should offer these options. It is practical and convenient. For higher quality products, a feature like this is to be expected to be included.


The comfort of the headband and ear cups is two components that users take heavy concern to when purchasing headphones. Many users wear their headphones for several hours per day. Heavy and under-padded constructions become uncomfortable very quickly. This leads to displeasure and negative feedback for the manufacturer. When you are exploring your options, consider the adjustability of the headphones as some may not be as ideal for smaller heads as others.

Quality Materials

The materials that a good quality pair of headphones is made of are important as well. Quality leather, lightweight durable metal and durable internal speakers are a must. The connectors and wiring should also be high quality. Small connectors are used inside headphones, and these should be constructed of gold or another heat tolerant material. Wiring should not be aluminum as it is not heat tolerant. This will generate more heat from the unit than is desired.

Style, brand and popularity are often the factors that younger generations look for when buying a good pair of headphones. What their friends have to say is often the only information they need to make a purchase while an older generation will consider the overall construction along with the mechanics and technologies that are built into the units. The quality of sound, construction and comfort should be the top three considerations on the list when you are ready to make a purchase of a new set of headphones. Consumer ratings and reviews do hold a small amount of weight in the decision but comparing the facts for yourself will prove which pair is right for your specific needs.