Mobile-Applications-Affiliate-MarketingSmartphones are gaining a huge fame at a very high rate in the contemporary scenario. As per the latest Stats Counter Global Stats, the rate of mobile internet is also getting doubles each year. In the year 2011, around 8.5 percent of global traffic was encountered and around 2012, it was under 20% compared to the global internet traffic. Apple had also encountered for 25 billions of app downloads. Additionally, Android Market and iTunes App Store also combined for more than 1 billions of amazing apps.

As per the latest data associated with mobile advertising, it offers an amazing approach for the lead generation. Even, installing a new app is encountered as the new lead. Sending the real-time notifications to a particular app is also a new email list.

Mobile Applications and PPC:

There are affliated marketers who really rely on PPC must love mobile app marketing. Arbitrage is also considered as a dynamic method of marketing the mobile apps in the current world. The user can also buy the remnant traffic using DSPs. The platform of iPhone Application Development is also flexible of providing a revolutionary avenue along with an ability to purchase app traffic from various mobile ad networks. There are also a few desktop that spends can be redirected to different mobile campaigns in order to increase the effectiveness.

There is also a key advantage of mobile app advertising and it is its great ability to focus the enviable market. Geo-targeting also works on the desktop, but mobile also makes an ease to target using local geography. Targeting using the devices and operating system also offer the further context for advertising offer. In order to employ app to app-marketing, one can also target offers associated to a particular application that has been already used.

Leverages for Mobile Affiliates:

Affiliates are usually benefited from the very high conversion rates for different mobile applications. However, a marketing funnel is a bit seamless experience because of the fact that affiliate sends a click directly to the app download. The average affiliate payout is also a bit higher is aspect of affiliate conversions. In accordance to the affiliate commission structure, affiliates can continue in order to receive the compensations over the period of installation.

At an average, a smartphone user downloads around 65 of applications introduced by developing platform with each session of 4.5 minutes. The app users are also likely to develop a future purchase that allows for crafting a lifetime calculations while determining the ad expenses.

Excellent opportunities of Mobile App Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing only need a very few reeducation just like mobile continues in order to elevate the importance. There are majority of affiliates that usually do not know that where to explore the mobile app offers. This can also hinder the efforts of an Android and iOS App Developer. The reason behind this is that there are traditional networks that are either does not mean for exposing or they does not offer mobile specific campaigns. There are a few affiliates as well as advertisers that understand the tracking process of a cell phone which usually needs a different kind of methodologies all from the cookie based systems that basically dominate the desktop.

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