Unsaved-Excel-File-Back-WindowsI believe you must have ever accidentally close a Microsoft Office Excel file before saving the document, or maybe sometimes your PC suddenly shuts down duo to the virus attacks and run out of battery or crashed before you can save your most recent work. Yes, it is really helpless when people encounter the situation I list above, but do not be panic. If you are use Microsoft Office Excel 2010 or later, the editor will show you some remedial measures to help you get lost Excel back for free.

As we all know, Microsoft Office Excel has a function named auto recover. It enable you restore your unsaved Excel. But auto recover has a limit is that it can only give you’re the opportunity to recover the unsaved excel file that due to Excel crashed. It is invalid for the unsaved excel file that lost because of the virus attacks or your computer crashed.

Recover an unsaved new excel file because of Excel crashed:

1: Open an Excel and find the "File" menu and select it.

2: Choose "Recent" and then "Recover Unsaved Workbooks." The saved drafts folder opens on your desktop.

3: Select the file you were working on and forgot to save. Select "File," and then "Save As."

Recover an unsaved exists excel because of Excel crashed:

1: Open Excel and select the workbook in which you were working

2: Select "File," and then "Info."

3: From the list of versions, click the one labeled "when I closed without saving."

4: Click "Restore" from the business bar. This selection overwrites the previous version of the workbook to the last version auto saved.