Online-Gaming-TechnologyThe Internet brought with it many innovations and expanded the scope at which people could carry out their businesses, and also enjoy luxuries right from their homes. The gambling industry was not left behind, with the first online casino being launched in 1994. The online casino was called the Gaming Club and it was powered by the first online casino software developer known as Microgaming. The second online casino was Intercasino, and many others followed thereafter.

How did technology change the game play?

In terms of technological innovation, the first casinos were bland when compared to those that you see today. They were simply landing pages on which the software was running, and the experience was not much different from that which you would get at a brick-and-mortar casino. All one had to do was download the software and play the game from home. Today, you can see games that have impressive flash introduction delivering the tasty information about why you should play a particular game and forsake others; bonuses have been included in the games, and a lot of other features.

In the beginning online casino games did not have a story or theme with which to keep the players enticed. Today’s games have got interesting stories behind them. You could be on a treasure hunting trip, and every level that you completed led you to another part of the story. It is a great technological advancement to see that today’s games even have levels where the rules vary slightly simply to add spice to the gaming experience. It is no small wonder that so many people are turning to online gaming sites when they simply want to play for fun; the professionals still prefer to face each other to play online casino games in Singapore.

How did technology improve the relationship between the client and the proprietor?

In the original online casino games, you had to wait for days to get a response to any enquiry that you made. This was because all enquiries had to placed and answered using email. The only other quick method was the use of the phone, whereby you had to phone in your question and you would get your answer from a customer service representative. However, today you can simply open the chat room and chat with a representative who will answer your questions in real time. It makes it much easier for players to ask about terms and conditions of play, among other enquiries.

How did the technology affect the adoption of online gaming on the internet community?

The assimilation of technology in this industry caused the following changes in the industry

  • The gaming experience became much better
  • There was better dissemination of information
  • The gaming experience became global since anybody with an internet connection and a credit card could play irrespective of their geographic location
  • The doing away of some licensing restrictions; although the Caribbean still insists on companies having licenses.
  • Technology brought about healthy competition and online casinos had to bend over backwards just to offer the best to their clients.
  • Some casinos allow people to play with fake currency just to get the hang of the game before allowing them to use real money.

In Summary, technology has evolved over the years, and it has changed almost every niche on the Internet; online casinos were not left behind. Today, you can have a great time while you are seated in your house, gambling against the house, or playing against other players from other parts of the world, thereby enhancing socialization amongst people who love to gamble every once in a while.

Author Bio: Anthony Wilson is an online gaming enthusiast and loves to play online casino games in Singapore. The adoption and advancement of online gaming technology has truly made the gaming experience that much better.