Sales-SchemesSalesmen can have completely different backgrounds. A salesman can be a high school dropout, or have a masters degree, or be at any level in between, because a wide variety of people work in sales. And while there may not be a lot of common ground in there with their personal histories, they have plenty in common with their job responsibilities and work techniques. So, to lend a helping hand to all the various kinds of salesmen out there, here are four sales schemes that will help you get the most out of this year:


This technique is a sales classic. Some tactics are timeless, and asking for and using your referrals is one of them. Once you get referrals, it makes your pitch much more personal to the person you’re talking to, and it gives you the extra umph that your pitch might be lacking. It also makes you much easier for your buyers to trust as well, making future business with them possible and much more likely. Work to obtain referrals, then once you’ve obtained them, work with them to increase your business.

In-Person Communication

This is something that can often be forgotten in today’s world. Although we’re on a planet that has been overtaken with technology and the lack of in-person communication, there is something about talking to someone face-to-face that helps make the buyer feel more secure. Meet your buyers, pitch your product in person, and help them to realize that you’re just another honest human being trying to help make their lives better. This is one of the best ways to control your C.R.M., as well.

Dress Professionally

When people think of today’s salesmen, they think of a 20-year-old kid who is far from his home, wearing a polo shirt, khaki shorts and the newest model of Nike shoes. To true professional salesmen, that kind of dress should be an insult. Dressing up in a suit and tie shows that you care about your product, your profession, and that you respect those that you are trying to sell to. When you’re seen in professional dress, it adds something to your pitch, and the people that you deal with will realize that you are serious about what you do. Put away the brightly colored polos and Nikes, and dress up like you really mean business.

Be Exciting

So many people who work in sales treat their job in a ho-hum manner. These people are likely to be much less successful in their jobs than someone who is engaging and exciting. You don’t want to be over-the-top with your sale, but you do want people to listen to your pitch and consider what you are saying. The best way to get people to listen is by exciting them with your personality and your product.

As any experienced salesman would tell you, there is an art to making a good sales pitch. While the perfect pitch may seem like nothing more than a dream, following these tips will certainly help you get closer to obtaining the next big sale and increasing your job performance.