Technology-Job-HuntingTechnology and job hunting are joining forces to make the world an easier place for those in search of a new career. That’s right, thanks to technology and all its forms, what once involved newspaper classifieds and pounding the pavement for hours on end is now digitally and electronically streamlined. When it comes time to set your sights on new career horizons, here are five ways technology makes the job-hunting process easier. 

Job Searching and Social Media 

Social media is the master of connecting people with one another, so it’s no surprise getting social with your job search is a technological dream come true. From social sites geared toward the professional world to the communicating benefits of building a social profile, using social media to search for a job is like putting your foot in the door before you even land an interview. 

Not all social sites are built the same when it comes to job searching, so it’s wise to join sites that are business oriented. For example, LinkedIn is a great starting point for building your professional profile among like-minded individuals. When used wisely, Facebook and Twitter are great too as long as they don’t distract you from your job searching endeavors. 

Smartphone Mobility 

The on-the-go convenience of smartphone technology makes everything in life easier, especially searching for a job. Not only does a smartphone keep you connected with social media and your professional online profiles, it’s also a great way to stay on top of the constant correspondence that goes along with finding a new job. 

Mobility is quickly becoming the name of the game in the professional world, so employers are seeking out candidates with a mobile mindset. When equipped with a smartphone, you can search and apply for a job, schedule an interview, and take care of follow-up emails all while on the way to another interview. In other words, a smartphone is a job hunter’s best friend.

Search Engines and Apps

Whether you’re a systems administrator in Minneapolis or an accountant in Phoenix, search engines put a countless number of career opportunities at your fingertips. There are plenty of job hunting websites dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date job listings in towns and cities coast to coast and around the globe, so start your job search engines

Likewise, apps are making the job search arena a much friendlier place to compete. Job searching apps in combination with the mobile convenience of smartphones and tablets is basically like having a secretary on standby wherever you are. In fact, there are apps available that allow you to do everything from edit and update your résumé to schedule an upcoming interview all from your wireless device. 

Job Search Blogging 

While searching for the perfect job, why not showcase your efforts by starting a blog? Blogging is everyone’s favorite online journal and a great way to create content for your professional profile. In addition, creating a professional blog related to your line of work and posting to it regularly is the perfect way to prove to employers that you’re a productive candidate. 

When it comes to posts, try coming up with topics that fall within your area of expertise or find ways to positively comment on your job hunting experience in general. Just make sure you link to your blog through your social media accounts in order to build your professional profile and keep your contacts in the know. 


The great thing about digital technology is that when it’s used properly, it actually starts working for you. For example, setting job search notifications via Google alerts is a great way to stay on the cutting edge of job listing without having to actively search for them. 

With Google alerts and other online notification services, you can monitor the web for job listing based on specific criteria, and when that job criteria hits the web, you’ll know immediately via a notification sent directly to your computer or wireless device. 

While looking for work, put technology to work for you by taking advantage of the job hunting avenues above.