Coffee-Maker-Cleaning-Tips-TricksCleaning a coffee maker doesn't end with wiping it and simply making it look clean. Just like anything else, it needs a thorough clean every now and again. After a regular use, the process of brewing creates a build-up of lime-scale and more impurities in your coffee maker, which can result in bad-tasting coffee. Therefore, cleaning your coffee maker at least once a month is essential to have a tasty and aromatic coffee every day. There are a few major factors to take into account when cleaning it. Here we give you tips on how to effectively clean every part of your coffee maker and easily remove hard-water deposits and oils which wrack the taste of your coffee.

Basic Cleaning

Start with a basic clean but firstly make sure that the coffee basket is empty before you start. Pour white vinegar into the water section, filling about half of it. It's okay to use a lot of vinegar, it won't damage the machine, but make sure you don't fill up the whole section. Start a normal brewing process and once it's ready, turn the heat off. Let the vinegar stay in the coffee pot for another ten to twenty minutes. Then pour it back inside the water section and start another brewing cycle. You may also add a bit of clean water to the water section and fill the whole coffee maker up. After the second cycle is done, shut off the heat and let the vinegar remain in the pot for another ten to twenty minutes once again. Then throw the vinegar away. It's preferable to pour it down in the sink, since this will also help you clean up your kitchen drain. Then pour clean water and fill half of the water section. Start a new brewing cycle. This is an important step because in this way you will remove the smell of vinegar from the coffee maker that would otherwise linger in your coffee. Doing this once a month will provide your coffee maker with longer life and your coffee – with a better natural taste. Consider the fact that the more you use your coffee machine, the dirtier is gets. So, in case you use it a bit more seldom, a deep clean once every two or three months would be enough.

Coffee Basket

Don't forget to clean the coffee basket as well. A build-up can be formed there too and it can change the taste of your coffee. Soak the coffee basket in warm soapy water and let it sit there for about ten to fifteen minutes. The hot water will break through clog and make it easier to clean. You can use a toothbrush to clean between grooves. Rinse with water and let the basket dry.

Coffee Pot

Burnt coffee build-up seems like a difficult thing to clean from your coffee pot but it isn't actually that hard. You can either soak the pot in hot water for ten minutes and then scrape the burnt coffee or another thing you can do is to pour lemon juice and salt in the pot and let it sit there for a couple of hours. In case the stains are very tough, you might have to repeat the procedure.


When you're ready with cleaning the different components of your coffee maker, finish the cleaning process with wiping its exterior. You may use a soapy sponge to remove coffee stains from the outside of the machine and then wipe with a dry paper towel.

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