Chronic-Pain-TrackerDealing with and overcoming pain can be a daunting task for anyone. People suffering from back pain struggle to carry out their normal day-to-day tasks. The good news is that you can now manage your pain. With your smartphone and some simple apps, you can ease and manage your pain. The following are the best apps to manage your pain:

1. Muscle Trigger Points

This special app consists of details associated with numerous body muscles along with their respective transfer patterns. The trigger locations are normally shown by a clear mark on the affected muscle. In certain cases, you can click on it in order to learn more about the muscle. This is certainly a great app designed for anytime use. When you visit your doctor next, ask him to show you the muscles in this impressive app.

2. iHealth Log

This impressive app was developed by a father to a kid who experienced a severe kidney complication. The app enables you to record all medications, appointments and medications as well as any details that are often mistaken for severe condition. One can also keep track of their pain intensity and prescriptions taken.

3. Chronic Pain Tracker

This app is considered to be the best pain tracking option out there. It is a powerful solution and the best thing is that it is available for free as a trial version. As one of the best apps in the market, it will definitely be a useful recording keeping tool. The most important feature of this application that makes it stand out is the presence of a unique pain painter. To keep your records, you need to sketch a pain picture by simply tapping on the frame and then indicating the exact severity and location of your pain.

4. My Pain Diary     

We all hate being in pain, but it’s important to keep proper records of our pain if we seriously want to get rid of it. This app makes it extremely easy for you to keep daily records of your pain, along with the effects of drugs, treatments and much more. This improves the way a patient communicates with their doctors. In addition, this application can enable you to determine changes to your pain, such as whether you are making improvements or not.

5. Manage My Pain

This android app uses the ‘LOCATES’ methodology and is, therefore, easily accessed by experts. For every record, you will be required to describe the Location of your pain, other related problems, the Character/nature of your pain, Aggravating / worsening issues that might exist, The duration and Time of your pain and the Environment and Severity of your pain based on a 10-point scale.

6. iPeriod

Some women suffer from excessive pain during their normal monthly periods. This app is designed for such women to manage their pain in a safe and effective manner. This menstrual cycle tracking app may also be used to alert you on your likely period duration.

7. Epocrates

This app is used to get medical information fast and easy. It is considered to be an excellent app to discover all the drugs available. You can discover more about severe reactions, drug interactions and much more. It also shows pictures of the drugs you are using. You can consult them to make sure you are taking the appropriate drugs.

8. ICE (In Case of an Emergency)

This app provides patients with a list of contacts to call during an emergency. One can also add a list of substances they are sensitive to along with their medical history.

Those are some of the best apps available to manage your pain. Download, install and try to use them to deal with your discomfort in a tried and tested way.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Sara Marie. She loves to write about various aspects of Technology and Health. She recommends PMIR Medical Center for providing best pain management and injury relief treatments.