Successful-in-HVAC-fieldTo be successful in the HVAC field, technicians must receive certification. American Trainco can help individuals prepare for air conditioning and refrigeration certification, in addition to electrical training, physical plant management and a variety of mechanical and industrial certifications.

By offering training classes to help technicians attain their initial certification and ongoing seminars that help individuals remain current in their chosen fields, American Trainco helps provide HVAC and other contractor industries with individuals who can make a greater impact in their chosen fields.

The company offers classes in topics such as basic HVAC topics, boiler operation maintenance and safety, HVAC electrical controls and distribution, chilled water and water treatment. American Trainco offers similar training in electrical work, covering topics such as arc flash electrical safety training, PLC training, generators and national electrical code training. Options for plant management include maintenance planning, total productive maintenance, reliability and predictive maintenance. Individuals concentrating on mechanical and industrial careers can choose from topics like hydraulics, pumps and pump systems pump repair and maintenance, mechanical drive systems, steam systems, plumbing and pipefitting and maintenance welding.

Training offered by American Trainco is available through in-house program conducted by certified trainers at your facility or at off-site locations where technicians from other companies are present. Although many of the topics offered cover specialized subjects, training for specific licenses required by many states in addition to these basic certifications is not included.

American Trainco offers an extensive list of courses available for convenient, in-house training at your facility. Can provide the same expert air conditioning, boilers, HVAC, facility and plant management, fluid hydraulics, piping, and electrical training courses at your facility that offer in public seminars.

American Trainco offers high-quality, professional, impactful training for workers who have to understand technical maintenance details to perform their jobs efficiently to be safe and avoid wasting their employers’ money. The best training comes from the best instructors, and are seasoned veterans with years of experience in their fields, as well as expertise instructing tens of thousands of successful students.

If you want your employees to get the absolute best training available, you should give them the chance to learn from instructors in person. Interacting with instructors in a small-group setting gives students a chance to bring up questions and concerns, and allows educators to modify topics and content to meet your workplace’s specific needs and goals. Not only does this lead to students finishing classes with better insight into the details of their responsibilities that will make them more effective and efficient, it creates a learning environment that students find more engaging.