Guest-Blogging-Effective-Link-BuildingFor search engine optimization plan to be successful there must be a good link-building strategy to bring in some new inbound links to the best pages of your website. Many SEO strategies usually fall apart in this step. Link building is definitely a hard work; it is extremely different than what most individuals have done before. The inbound links are most vital ranking factor to search engines such as Google, so it is very important that one does a good link building if he or she intends to rank for the competitive keywords. Guest blogging is a great tactic for link-building, here is how guest blogging can be used for effective link building;

Research the guest blogging opportunities

When one is ready to start using guest blogging to build links to his website, he should begin by carrying out research in order to identify all the potential blogs he will be writing for. One should then select a handful of his favorite keywords that he do not yet rank for, conduct a search for keywords and finally obtain the results. One should find the blogs that are well focused around his topic. If he is unable to obtain enough blogs right away, he should try looking for other sites and also searching for different keywords.

Brainstorm the blog topic ideas

Write down some blog post ideas. It is advisable for one to start his writing process and idea generation earlier so that when the other owners of blogs are ready for his blog post, he already have something to offer and ready to go. 

Reach out to the blog owners

One should identify the administrator of the blog or use Contact Us page in order to enable him reach out to the blogs that he is willing to write for. One should introduce himself plainly and then tell them that he would like to write guest blog post for them and in return, they give him an inbound link. One should not be shy about it; he should be honest and straightforward. It’s important to know that many blog authors obtain guest blogging pitches regularly. They are used to getting this request, even if one is not used to making the request. One should be honest, comfortable and straightforward about his intentions.

Write and optimize the guest posts

One should write his articles immediately he starts receiving replies from the other blog owners. Write the content and then send it to the blog owners in time. Most blog owners normally like the post in a simple text format such as a Word document. If there are images to include in the blog post, it’s advisable to avoid embedding them in that document. One should attach them to his email alongside that document and state where images should go and also include a credit to sources of the images. One should make it extremely easy for a blog author to load his guest post in his blogging tool. If it is easy for them, his post will get published much sooner and the blog authors will be very responsive to future offers and requests.

As one writes each post, it’s important to include one-two links to web pages that he wants to drive the traffic to. One should include the links as an anchor text using keywords that he wants to rank in the search engines.

Finally, one should make sure that he also includes a 2- sentence byline for that post to briefly explain who he is and why he is writing about this.

Track and measure results of the link building efforts

One should make sure that he has an analytics package of his website to track his SEO benefits, leads and visits from his guest blog posts. One should also share his Guest Posting on his own social network and track his website’s activity as his guest posts are published.

This five step guide can assist one easily and quickly earn some important inbound links to the critical pages on his website in exchange of content creation effort that he could have invested anyway. Guest blogging also has other benefits such as increasing your recognition, spreading the name of your brand and growing your social media and blogging reach.