Free-VPN-Apps-AndroidVPN can be a lot useful when you are trying to access your private data through a public network. If you are an android user and aren’t aware which app to use for connecting to a VPN when you need you might end up really annoyed. Here we have a list of some free VPN apps for android that can be downloaded from Play store (Android market) easily.

Each of these apps is continuously updated by the developers and improvements can be seen with time. Mostly the apps offer one click settings, setup management, and password management settings.


With a rating of 4.2 on Play store, the DroidVPN app is free app for android devices. The service enables you to browse anonymously, unblock regional restrictions, bypass firewalls, web filtering and passing your internet traffic to and fro from your device to our dedicated servers. The most outstanding feature of this app is that it bypasses your traffic via an ICMP that means you can use internet even if you have a blocked internet browsing and can just send ping requests through your firewall.

DataGard VPN + AV

This VPN app has a 4.4 rating on Play Store and has some amazing user reviews. The thing that makes this app stand out from the rest is its ability to encrypt data and work in sleep mode. It offers a secure Wi-Fi, anti-phishing, antivirus and ability to show malware attacks. It increases your download speed and doesn’t drain out your battery life. It also allows you to choose out of 16 regions for your connection.

Hotspot Shield VPN for Android

One of the most popular VPN app with 150 million plus downloads and a rating of 4.1, this app is a true bliss. It unblocks every blocked website and provides unrestricted access to android VOIP services like Viber and Skype everywhere. It is a highly recommended app by PC Magazine, CNN, CNET, and PC World that can prevent your data from all sorts of online theft. Available in a number of languages like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and a lot more.


With 4.5 rating, this app offers a fast connection speed with the ability to stream YouTube, Pandora, and Netflix kind of websites. It bypasses VOIP restrictions on apps like Viber and Skype along with a built in anti-virus to keep your device secure. This app needs Android 2.0 and up to work and its latest version has some improvements in interaction.

Tunnelbear VPN

It is a great VPN app for beginners having a simple interface with a simple button that can be tapped for connecting and again tapped for disconnecting. The app’s new version has come up with android widget that allows your turn on the app from your home screen.

VPNs are awesome, and the free apps look even more appealing, however it is wise not to transmit sensitive data via these or use the apps on which are 100% confident in terms of security.

Author Bio: The article is written by Maria Bennett who loves to describe the necessity of USA VPN  for internet users.