Technology-Educational-InstitutionsIn any career it’s hard to do the job correctly without using technology.  In education the hardest parts are breaking old habits of basic note taking presentations and receiving funding from administration for the correct technological resources. 

Here are four reasons why and how we should implement technology into the classroom.

  1. Real World Application

As mentioned above.  Technology is used in just about every aspect of our lives.  From the moment we’ve had that first cup of coffee in the morning till just before we go to bed.  We live in the most visually stimulating time period in history.  Our children and students use technology more than we could imagine.  So, how can we expect them to move from the real world into a classroom atmosphere where they are learning in a classical way that isn’t as successful anymore?  If we use it, we should allow them to use it.

  1. Teacher Creativity

When we present information to students in one format, such as slide to slide presentation, we can’t expect them to pay the same amount of attention every time.  So, we need to mix up the way that information is presented.  Technology has now done that.  It has allowed us to deliver information in slides, videos, and interactive activities.  If you’re knew to technology try Khan Academy which allows you to show a video on the topic that is being taught that day in a format that is very educational and applicable to the way that students will use it.

  1. Student Creativity

When we present information to students in a different format it allows them to use different parts of their brain.  In doing this the students are stimulated differently every time, which allows them to think differently and creatively when completing assignments.  A great way to increase technology and student creativity is to try flipping the classroom.  This allows students to use their imaginations to present information and also gives the teacher an inside on how the students enjoy learning, for future lesson planning. 

  1. Known as an Adaptable Educator

Students come first in the classroom.  Everything that we do is to make sure that they leave the classroom physically and mentally safe, and if we have managed to change their lives for the better it is a bonus.  Teachers get a great sense of accomplishment from this.  However, they do need something that will help them professionally.  Using technology and trying new and creative lesson plans makes teachers adaptable, especially when resources and materials are saved to show example to other teachers and administrators.  This shows that the teacher is here for the right reasons and is always working on personal development. 

Who wouldn’t want a teacher at their school that is always trying to advance their skills?  Another great way to show educational institutions that you are working on personal development is to advance your degree.  Whether it is educational leadership, curriculum development or educational technology, advancing a degree is a great way to show students and administration that you care about education.