Photoshop-Resources-Graphic-DesignersNeedless to say, Photoshop is one of the few image editing software that is an absolute essential for every web or graphic designer. It is a known fact that Photoshop is absolutely versatile and can help create stunning and professional quality graphics that can give any other web designing software a run for its money. However, sometimes, your professional design school may easily miss out on some incredible features that Photoshop has to offer. Besides, if you are a newbie in the industry and are looking forward to creating websites for, you must certainly consider taking a gander at these essential resources that will help you gain in depth knowledge about the subject and will eventually hone your skills. These are the Photoshop resources that give out detailed information and tutorials on using some of the most popular as well as the lesser known tools of Photoshop effectively.


Needless to say, Adobe is the creator of this phenomenal software and therefore, if you wish to gain any detailed information about the same, this is essentially your go to place. This holds true especially if you are only starting out as is loaded with information on the software and how to make the most of it. Besides, there are varied tutorials that will help you shape your basic skills in Photoshop. Every video provided on this website is detailed and will definitely answer any questions that are likely to arise in your mind.

  1. Pixel2Life:

To put it simply, this website is essentially a search engine designed specifically for tutorials that address not just Photoshop but myriad other graphic designing and web design software including Animation software and 3D arts. It has an entire section dedicated to just Photoshop wherein you can get access to over thousand tutorials ranging from basic to advanced. The entire website is divided into posts and tutorials categorized into latest posts, random and most popular ones and you can select the tutorials from among the tab that you wish to. Besides, there is also an availability of a sub category which encourages you to choose a specific topic for the tutorials.

  1. Phlearn:

You can either decide to purchase a section of the tutorials or sign up for the free tutorials that they offer. This resource is an extremely popular one among new designers. Therefore, if you wish to design website for, you can certainly consider taking help from Phlearn. This website not only offers tutorials specific to Photoshop, but you can also learn a lot more about photography through their sectioned articles and tutorials on composition, lighting and the likes.

  1. Psdtuts+:

This is one of the most popular and well known Photoshop resource website available on the internet. The site offers detailed tutorials wherein some are article based while others are video based. One of the best things about psdtuts + is the fact that once you pay a definitive amount to enrol as a premium member, you can get access to the exact files that have been used to design a particular tutorial. It gives important information and showcases important tutorials for all experience levels and if you do have any doubts about using any particular element, the owners are very prompt in answering them.

  1. Ps Hero:

Hero, who also happens to be the owner of this website, offers in-depth information and tutorials on Photoshop for free. With Ps Hero, you can learn a lot about graphic designing and playing with text, typography and special effects to create a web design or graphic design that looks both stunning and professional. You can also download some interesting and resourceful Photoshop goodies to aid your design assignments.

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