Pool-Table-at-homeWe must ask ourselves one question when it comes to interior design; what makes a good home? Is a good home a house with plenty of natural light? Or even a home that smells of camomile and vanilla on entry?  Surely a well presented garden with trimmed rosebushes contributes fantastic home?

WHO CARES! Let’s be honest, a great home is defined by the amount of cool stuff that lies inside it. When your mates come over for a good old party on a Friday night, they are not going to want to check out if the leylandii trees at the back of the house have been cut down to a suitable level…they are going to want to have a bottle of wine or two and enjoy a many game of table football, followed by a game of beer pong!

If you want to get the most fun out of your house, trust the words in this article and go forth and invest in some of the below items.  

Pool Table

It goes without saying that no house is complete without a pool table. It seems that this classic game has been in our blood since the biblical times, ever since Joseph carved his first pool table and balls out of wood! Joking aside, pool is a game enjoyed by the masses at any occasion. Want to be popular? Buy a pool table.

Table Football

If competition is your thing, find a place in your lounge for your table football table. If your lounge is too small, find a place in your kitchen, bedroom, spare room or bathroom. Don’t worry about if people can fit round it to play; because they will. For decades, people have been playing table football cramped up in the smallest of spaces in bars having the times of their lives. Make friendships and break friendships; all is love and war when it comes to table football.

Street Fighter II Arcade Machine

Street Fighter II Championship edition Arcade Machine; you just need one in your life don’t you. Whilst you’re at it, perhaps Golden Axe II also.

Backyard DIY Rollercoaster


Who needs to venture halfway across the country to Alton towers to spend about a hundred quid queuing a whole day for about three roller-coasters which only last about ten seconds each anyway. Follow what this legend did and create your own backyard rollercoaster complete with a 12ft drop.

Swag Home Bar

Why go out and have a drink when you can drink in? Build from scratch your very own bar and mix up a wealth of cocktails for your friends.

Beer Pong Table

If you have not played beer pong yet, you are severely missing out. Beer pong brings everyone together under an alcoholic umbrella of fun; no party is complete without this fantastic game. If you can’t get hold of an official beer pong regulation table - no worries! Just whack a couple of tables together, buy some cups, some table tennis balls and hey presto - your very own DIY beer pong table.

Gaming Experience Chairs

Well every house needs a games room….and every games room needs some chairs that facilitate gaming. Obviously buy two chairs so that you and your partner can complete Streets of Rage 2 as a team; the more the merrier!

Secret Bookcase Room


Just be that guy who has the secret bookcase room at home. People remember that guy.

Author Bio: Adam works with Home Leisure Direct, the UK’s premier games room specialist. In April 2013 we were chosen as the Reader's Choice at the ECMOD Direct Commerce Award.