Consumers Eyeing New Gadgets As PC Sales DropNew gadgets such as the emerging variety of tablets have brought about a drop in PC sales according to recent studies.

Worldwide sales of PC’s have fallen 0.1 per cent this year and further research shows that shipments of PC’s are down in the second quarter of 2012.

This drop highlights the emergence of new innovative gadgets such as the iPad which have contributed to this drop in PC sales.

Apple continues to lead the tablet market with Samsung second and Asus a respectable third whilst Microsoft continue to languish in tablet sales although the release of Surface and Surface Pro tablets are expected to do well when they are shipped in October.

The decline in PC sales is a direct blow to Microsoft who make the majority of their profit from Windows and Office Licenses. The company has blamed the curve on people waiting for Windows 8 to be released in October but judging by the sales figures and research people are moving away from PC’s.

The main reason for this decline is the tablet market, more and more people want a mobile PC that can be used on the move whether it be travelling on the train or at a friend’s house the tablet is a more 21st approach to computing.

Another reason is the economic climate we find ourselves in currently. Less people are investing in expensive PC’s and instead looking to other devices that are more cost effective but still offer a great user experience.

One thing that is for certain following the release of these figures is that PC’s are increasingly becoming the fossils to a new age of gadgets that are more practical.

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