Content-Marketing-Boosts-SEOContent marketing is the latest buzzword to float around the search engine optimization industry. Content is the king but in order to achieve the optimum results your SEO strategies need to be integrated into your content marketing strategies. Recent research by content marketing institute finds that 91% of companies use content marketing to effectively engage with their audience. The reason is that customers trust content over banner ads. With a few SEO tactics, a potentially average article can turn into a great one.

Remember the goal of a website is not to educate the reader about everything but to push them towards a purchase. Sometimes that means convincing them that the purchase is really worth their time. Here we’ll discuss how Content marketing boost your SEO efforts.

1.  Sharing builds links for you

Great content has a way of going viral. Social media networks and online communities love sharing content they find valuable and interesting. These links further get shared by other people, and so on. This natural link building and distribution is inexpensive, more effective and is favored by search engines than link farming or link purchasing. It’s all easy than going around the internet and adding links to your site like breadcrumbs.

2.  Its all natural

Search engines are clever enough to identify whether the links shared have come naturally or through artificial means. As said earlier, natural links improves your search score and engage your audience in your company/website. The benefits of natural links help you in the long run the same way an amount put in savings bank account gets you interest.

3.  It increases site traffic

One of the drawbacks of paid link building and link farming is that, while it helps you to rank better in search results in the short run, it won’t drum up actual sales. It’s a hollow achievement that doesn’t get you any business.

Audience who visit your site for great content will be eager to know what you have to say. Valuable information on your site will make them stay for long and have a look at the rest of your site. Also, the great content on your site has the ability to change your visitor into a customer.

4.  Add your major keyword to the title

This one step can take your articles from lower rankings to top rankings when applied to a post with enough back-links. As a basic rule, you should always aim to have your targeted keyword in your title, headings, the first and last paragraph of your article and anywhere else where it flows naturally. But make sure that you do not overstuff it or your readers will quit and stop visiting your site.

5.  Make the content worth linking to

Create content that is interesting. It is reported that visitors typically spend only a few seconds on any given web page, so it is important that your content grabs a visitor’s attention in those few seconds.

 It is good to split your content into short sections so that visitors find it easy to read. Content that is worth linking to will generate links naturally, which are a key factor in SEO visibility. Natural links are often thought of as votes. The more votes you generate, your site will gain more credibility.

6.  Make sure to deliver fresh content

Google will penalize you for stale blog content. Just because it is outdated it doesn’t mean that it should be completely removed from your site. With content marketing, you should regularly focus on adding and updating your content that still provides value. If your content answers questions, solve problems and offer tips, it will be of great value to your readers. Keep in mind that optimizing content means that you fulfill readers’ needs, so that they treat you as an authority, learn to trust you and recommend your post to others. This will boost your rankings naturally.

Of course, your content should be free from grammatical errors and have good sentence structure. When people visit sites that have poorly-written content, they are likely to leave the site before they get too far.

7.  Make content social

Social networks and social signals have a great impact on Google’s search rankings. Google is paying much attention to “personal results”. These results are the ones created by Google users when they sign in for searching. Personal results are much easier to find and favored by search engines. Look for new ways to promote your latest content. You can do this by adding social sharing buttons on your site. When someone shares your stuff, this will automatically generate back-link to your site.

Brianne Walter is a freelance journalist who has been writing about mobile technology, customer relationship management and women’s health for more than a decade. These days she is busy to contributes on responsive design