Mobile-Fingerprint-ScannerAnyone who has been a victim of theft, identify theft, or any other form of data security breach knows the importance of security. The average person, however, is not using any form of security on their mobile device. While every mobile device on the market has the potential for a security code to be entered, many people bypass it because they can’t be bothered with taking the extra 5 seconds from their day.

A mobile fingerprint scanner is something that more developers are looking at implementing – and this includes Apple. What this means is that you would use your fingerprint in order to open your mobile device. There are seven benefits to this technology.

#1 – It’s Convenient

For anyone who says it’s too inconvenient to enter a passcode, you can now place your finger on the screen and move on. That’s all it’s going to take to get into your mobile device if you have a mobile fingerprint scanner. It will take less than a second and only you have the ability to unlock it.

#2- You Won’t Forget it

Everything has a password these days and it’s hard to remember all of them. If you’ve ever forgotten the password on your mobile device, you know it can lock you out. Your busy day can come to an end if you’re suddenly locked out of your phone or tablet for 5 minutes (or longer if you still can’t remember the password). Your fingerprint doesn’t require you to remember anything.

#3 – People Won’t “Learn” It

You give your password to someone once and suddenly they have learned what it is indefinitely. This makes it hard to keep your personal information secure. In many instances, people use very simple passwords and this makes it easy for the “bad” guys to learn what it is so they can hack an account or steal your confidential data.

#4 – Your Private Information Stays Safe

Your private information is going to stay safe and this is a huge benefit. Whether you currently use a password or not, the fingerprint is more secure because it cannot be duplicated. This means that all private information stored on your device stays there for only you to access.

#5 – It Won’t Cost a Lot of Money

Apple and the other manufacturers are being smart about the technology. They’re not going to release it mainstream until it’s affordable. This means you can get the best mobile fingerprint security on the market without spending much more to get it. Even if it is a little more expensive than the model right below it, it’s well worth it when you think about the money it can save you. Identity theft and other forms of data breaches can be very expensive to deal with.

#6 – It Uses Impressive New Technology

A mobile fingerprint scanner will use the latest technology. This is a benefit all on its own because you may be the first in your social circle to have it. Just as the touch screen amazed people when it first came out, this is likely going to have the same effect.

#7 – It Keeps You From Being a Victim

Your information may not seem like much. However, you may take for granted what kind of information you actually keep inside your phone. You may have emails stored that contain your name, home address and phone number. If you use the wallet feature on your mobile device, you may also have credit card information stored. Without a mobile fingerprint scanner in place, you may become a victim of theft or fraud if someone gains access to what you have stored on your device.

Once you start to see the potential of a mobile fingerprint scanner, it’s not hard to see how beneficial it can be. Whether it’s on your smartphone or your tablet, you need to keep your personal information to yourself. While a password may be helpful to keep the average person out of your business, it’s not enough to keep an experienced hacker out. This is why the mobile fingerprint scanner is being explored by more manufacturers. It will change the game for mobile security.