Search-Engine-Optimization-GuidelinesWhen setting up a website, many people focus on the content from the first degree and also on the design of the site. This is good for people visiting your page. But if they look from the search engine optimization view, many things in the web site design may be missed.

From the above, we see that the designer must take note of the human visitors and the search engine optimization factors. Here are the main factors that will make the search engines love the web site and make it well-optimized.

First, the designer must include Meta information in above the main page. It is composed of data that defines the subject of the page or what thepage is about. There are three items in the Meta information: The following are three things in the Meta information:

1. Title

This defines your main subject and contains the basic words in the page. The designer must carefully see what the page talks about and see the most main keywords in the page, then accordingly put the title. The title must also catch the attention of the visitors because it is seen in the search results display.

2. Description

This must be put after the title and describes what the page about. The words in the description are bigger than the title.

3. Keywords

This basically means the keywords use to represent the business and being optimized to be in Google search results.

Second, you need to design of the website such that the internal pages are easily reached from each other. This is crucial for the search engine to discover the site links and the visitors also. If the web site pages are easy to reach from each other, the search engines will build that map more easily. Simple layout can really help a lot.

Third, you need to add fresh, concise and interesting information to the site. The search engines loves websites that have unique and up to date content.  You need to update the content regularly. Always they try to find the latest content to impart and give to the user.

Fourth, you must increase your online visibility through creating quality back links. This technique is very important because it helps you get your business on the first page of search engines especially with Google. It also help tells the online community that your business exists and it is running.

Backlinks are like votes of trust, the more you have it the better it is for your website. When linking to a page, you must use the main keywords in that page using keyword tool and put these words in the anchor text for the link. This will give the highest ranking when the user searches for these keywords in the search engine. For more help on SEO, you can check with search engine optimization Chicago today.