Boost-Tablets-Battery-LifeTo be honest, battery life isn’t really the biggest problem when it comes to tablets. In fact, some tablets, such as the best-selling iPad, can sustain themselves for almost half a day. That’s a longer battery life than a lot of laptops; considering the portability and power of a tablet, that number is nothing to scoff at. Unfortunately, your tablet’s battery might be underperforming because of either poor maintenance or an overworked system with too many apps and widgets. Don’t fret, though - you can still squeeze a few more hours into your battery’s total lifespan, and it’s not as hard as it sounds. The following tips are especially useful for people with tablets that run on power-draining systems, as well as busy professionals who rely on their tablets extensively for a variety of functions.

Remove widgets and live wallpaper

Not only is animated or live wallpaper potentially confusing and eye-straining, it’s also battery-draining. Prolong your tablet’s battery life by getting rid of 3D wallpaper. Widgets also consume more power than necessary, so unless they’re for applications that you absolutely need (or use on a regular basis), it’s advisable to remove them from your screen.

Fiddle with your settings

It helps to check the settings on your tablet and see if you can disable or minimize the most battery-consuming functions. The default settings aren’t always the most power-efficient ones, so it really pays to check them, especially if you’re having trouble with your battery. Unless you have difficulty reading your tablet screen, increasing its brightness (or keeping it at a high level) will only hurt your eyes and take a heavy toll on its battery life. Adjust the brightness level of your tablet manually, and set it at a level that sits squarely between “readable” and “bright”.

Turning off GPS services also helps conserve battery life – if you’re not terribly reliant on GPS to get around, you’re better off disabling your tablet’s GPS apps. You can also enable Airplane mode when you don’t need to access your tablet’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other such functions. Notifications are also notorious for slashing your battery’s lifespan, especially if you receive a lot of them via messaging and social media applications. Make sure to turn them off to save battery power.

Likewise, data fetching (email apps, for example) also consumes your battery at a rapid pace. For tablets that have this feature enabled, you can change the settings and make email fetching a manual process instead of an automatic one, or just increase their intervals between retrievals.

Keep your tablet away from intense temperatures and harsh elements.

The next tip probably isn’t so surprising – keep your tablet away from very hot (or very cold) places. It’s pretty much the unspoken rule for every gadget, anyway. Extreme temperatures tend to have terrible effects on electronics. Make sure to not leave your tablet inside your car (which can reach ridiculously hot temperatures on particularly sunny days), and try to keep your device at room temperature. It also helps to buy a case or sheath for your tablet, to keep it safe from moisture and provide some much-needed protection.

Charge cautiously (and get a second battery)

Everyone who has ever owned a business phone or laptop can attest to the fact that, despite being a necessary procedure, the act of charging does have a negative effect on your battery. As you routinely charge the battery, its lifespan deteriorates bit by bit – not by much, but still by a noticeable amount. That’s partly why old devices tend to have a shorter battery life than newer ones. The best thing to do is to completely discharge your battery before attempting to charge it fully. Also, turn it off, because keeping it on increases the possibility of overcharging. Buying a second battery to serve as backup (or as an additional power source) isn’t such a bad idea, either.

Following these simple tips can easily add an hour or two to your tablet’s battery life. Do you have any other suggestions or power-saving tips? Feel free to drop us a line in the Comments section.

Author’s bio: Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts. And how these smartphones and other phone system from companies like RingCentral, can help change our life. You can reach her through Facebook and Twitter