Taking steps to clean up your pc is simple. You need to go systematically from the outside and work your way in. That means that you need to get out the alcohol swabs, eyeglass wipes, and denture cleaners and get to work. It's also a good idea to invest in a compressed can of air for the fans, but always make sure that you hold it upright. Otherwise, you could short out your computer when the gas turns into frozen liquid from holding the can the wrong way.

After that, you want to update all of your programs and go into your control panel and see if there is anything that you would like to remove because you no longer use it. Also take a look at all the programs that are starting at startup so that you can decrease your bootup time. After unintalling those programs, go to your hard drive and take out unnecessary files and store them in cloud storage, and external hard drive, or a thumb drive. If you really have no use for them, send them to the trash. Make sure to empty your recycle bin often.

These basic steps and the ones included in the infographic should help you maintain your computer on a regular basis and prevent any future problems.

Guest Author: Erin Walsh is a computer junky that avidly writes at PC Health Boost's blog. To find out more about computer problems that you can commonly troubleshoot on your own, visit