Cloud-DrivesToday’s technology is all about access. The gadgets that we have enable us to access the Internet easily. Since these mobile gadgets are small and light, we can bring it along with us everywhere we go. This enables us to access the Internet anywhere we are at any given time of the day.  Flash drives also enable us to bring along with us important documents and other files that we think we might need. You can easily access it by plugging it to a USB 3.0 hub of a laptop or PC and have the file copied. This is the common practice by people especially in the workplace.

It is quite common to see people in the workplace having their own flash drives.  It is easy to share files, especially the large ones.  It does take time to send large files via email because of the size of the file.  You lose precious time that you could have been able to do other things instead of waiting for the file to be attached to the email and be sent.  The time to copy the file into a flash drive via USB 3.0 hub and bringing it physically to the person needing it would still be faster compared to sending it electronically.

However, with the introduction of cloud storage, people are using less and less of the flash drives.  A lot of people are starting to appreciate this

  • There is no need to bring along something always – Because it is a shared drive that you can access via the Internet, there is no worry if you go to a meeting and suddenly find that you forgot the flash drive. All you need an Internet connection and you can access all the files that you uploaded into the cloud drive.
  • Big available space – You can get a lot of storage space online.  It really depends on the user how big or small the space he needs.
  • Get it for free – There are online data storage facilities that are offered for free. Although the space is small at first, there are ways to have the space increased for free. 
  • Data is kept safe and in one place – The problem with USB flash drives is that it can get lost and some other people can gain access to these files.  It can be a problem especially if the files are considered classified. With cloud drives, you can control the access to those who can use it.

However, there are still issues to be resolved with Cloud drives like the cost of getting extra space if you have utilized the free space given for signing up with the service. Cloud services are getting common so it is easy to sign up for the service. This is why there is a threat for flash drives and drives it to extinction.  If we assess what is happening now, it is not impossible from happening. People are appreciating its usefulness and the ease of use. So if there is no new thing that can be done with USB drives, it is not a far cry that the USB 3.0 hub on computers will be deemed obsolete.

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