Successful-Television-CommercialThe average TV commercial is 30 seconds long, which is not a lot of time to draw you in, elicit and emotion and leave a lasting impression. To accomplish this in 30 seconds is quite a feat, and there are companies that do it seamlessly. Below are a few characteristics that every successful television commercial should have.

Represents the Brand

Companies that are the most successful have managed to define their brand in a manner that has the viewer guessing who the commercial is "for" before the viewer is 100% sure. This can be accomplished by having reoccurring themes, characters, music or a catch phrase that stays with your business for years, even decades. Though a company’s commercials vary greatly from one year to the next, the audience should not be surprised to see the new direction they are heading in—unless it's in a good way.

Relates to the Target Audience

A TV commercial for a new flavor of bubble gum may not make sense to a 40-year-old, but to a seven-year-old, it should make them want to ride their bike to the store right away! When making a commercial, you want to zero in on your target audience instead of trying to cast a net that might capture more people. If your net is too wide, you risk missing your target audience completely. It is okay for certain groups or demographics to not like your commercials, as long as you’re getting through your most profitable and promising target market.

Elicits an Emotion

A successful commercial will elicit and emotion such as joy, happiness, concern or excitement. This can be done in a variety of ways and can further be enhanced by music and colors that accompany the script.

Showcases the Product or Service

Most importantly a commercial must show its viewers what the product or service is and how it will be valuable in their lives. This can be done by creating relatable real-life scenarios or by using over-the-top (but possible) scenarios. Some products are more a need, while others are more a want. For products that are a need, stick with more realistic themes, and for products that are more of a want, you can have more obscure themes.

Is Memorable

Although commercials are only 30 seconds long, they need to be memorable—memorable enough that the viewer wants to learn more, recognizes your product when they see it on a shelf and wants to buy it. What is memorable for one person is not memorable for the next, so zero in again on your target audience. Memorable can sometimes even be a bit annoying, such as a song that is ridiculous but incredibly catchy, making it tough to forget.

Since time is limited a commercial can't be overly complicated (unless it is part of a series of commercials designed to build suspense). Making a commercial is a significant expense, as is buying the airtime to show it. To maximize your time, keep the message short, sweet and simple.

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