How-TV-Changed-American-CultureThere are many American people who spend their time in watching many television shows. Some experts believe that TV has changed American culture since several years ago. This article has some great information about some cultural changes that happen in the United States. These changes are caused by the aggressive growth of some television shows these days. Here are top 10 ways on how television affect American culture.

1. Improve socialization

Some experts believe that television can improve our socialization. People tend to watch television with their friends and family members. By doing so, they can improve their relationship with other people, including their relatives.

2. Influence how American people cook and eat

There are many television shows that tell us how to cook and eat in different way. You can find many TV cooking shows on your television. These programs really change how American people cook and eat in their daily life. However, not all foods in these TV shows are healthy for us. You have to be very careful when watching these television shows.

3. Shape their values

Reality TV shows play important role in shaping our values as a human being. There are many experts who believe that television can affect our values in our real life. There are many people who shape their new values after watching television for some period of time.

4. Make people behave violently

You can find many TV shows that have many violent actions. These shows really encourage American people to behave violently. This is one of the most common negative impacts of the television toward the American society.

5. Increase obesity problems

Many experts believe that obesity problems are increasing from time to time in the United States. One of the most common factors causing obesity is television. There are many children sitting in front of television while eating snacks. Television can increase their sedentary time. Therefore, these children many have obesity problems in their life.

6. Improve marriage problems

There are many marriage problems that can be caused by television. Some people may believe that television shows can reflect the reality. This condition leads people to be less committed to their own marriages. This is reasonable because there are many problematic marriages that can be found in the television.

7. Change body image

Many people are obsessed to follow their favorite actors or actresses. As the result, they may lose their own body image. Television really affects this behavior because many people are trying so hard to imitate their favorite actors or actresses. Some people may also lose their identities because they watch television too much.

8. Get less information

There are many news channels that are available on today's television. People can get a lot of unimportant news from these news channels. All of these facts really make us get less information than every before. You can find too much information in today's television.

9. Improve acceptance of some gay communities

Television actually changes some perceptions of most people. Nowadays, gay community can be accepted in many different societies. This fact is supported by the development of television these days. There are many television shows that have gay couples who can reach their goals successfully. Because of that reason, people start accepting gay community in their society.

10. Reduce family time

Most families usually spend more than 30 hours watching television every single week. Some studies show that these families may spend only about 40 minutes to build their interactions with their family. These studies show that television can reduce the family time quality. This device reduces the communication among all family members.

They are several cultural things that have already changed since the development of television TV shows several years ago. There are many people who are affected with the growth of many TV shows these days. It is very important for you to prevent yourself from being influenced by bad things from your television.

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