Market-Your-Business-FacebookAre you planning to market your business on Facebook and thinking of going to a Facebook ad management service? Well, before you do that, gain some idea about the matter from the post. Following are certain points you need to take care of when planning to place your ads on Facebook.

What should be your fan page message?

The primary aim of your fan page should be creating a community around a single topic or message, which will be present during your daily activity. Sticking to a single topic gets you the respect of users as they see you being dedicated to a single cause.

Regular marketing activity

Facebook no longer shows your updates to each of your fans; so now, you need to keep your reach up and get activity on your updates.  This activity is defined as shares, likes and comments. In order to keep your reach up, you need to make sure your page is updated at least 3 to 5 times a day.

What kind of content do you want to share?

You can choose between textual statuses, videos, pictures, blog posts etc. FB values uploaded videos and pictures as compared to the other options. You may be surprised to know that videos that are uploaded in FB stay in the newsfeed for ten times longer than in YouTube link. Thus, you get additional comments, likes and shares on them.

Getting more likes for your page  

A Facebook ad management service can offer you two primary ways of getting more likes on FB: firstly, by posting something that goes viral in the networking site; secondly, by creating an attractive giveaway that can lure people to like your page.

However, executing the plan can prove to be tricky as quite a lot of things are involved here, like an auto-responder service for delivering your giveaway, an opt-in form and a tool for developing custom tabs.

In order to put all this together, you will need to create a FB ad that targets your fans and makes them like your page for getting a gift in return.

What makes this method powerful is that you not only build your email list but also obtain likes for your fan page simultaneously.

Putting the power of sponsored stories to use

The ads that appear on the right side of your FB page come in a resolution of 308 by 308 pixels, which may be ignored by users. Sponsored stories, on the other hand, are difficult to be ignored. It differs in budget, place of appearance, what you can promote, the ‘social proof’ and the display of activity.

Sponsored stories come in newsfeed and display the amount of activity received by it. It offers you two budget options: the first is to promote it for a multiple of 5, between $5 to $50, and the second to promote it up to an amount of $300 with additional targeting – location and age.

Choosing sponsored stories can help you get additional likes as not just your fans but their friends are likely to view them too.

Maintain constancy and split test

You need to be regular with your updates, advertisement and sponsored stories. You can take the weekends off but make sure you are back on Monday morning. It has been seen that taking a few days off leads to a drop in clicks to much lower numbers. Being regular gives an impression of your seriousness and dedication towards your business. Otherwise, you tend to get erased from the minds of users.

And as far as split testing is concerned, you need to split test the various aspects of your ads, like its images, landing pages, ad copies etc. in order to reach your desired level of success.

To wrap it up, it can be said that Facebook ads are a rage today; hence, if used properly, can definitely be benefitted from. You need to be consistent with your ads and sponsored stories, run split tests, and maintain daily activity and post messages regularly for your fan page in order to succeed while advertising on FB. Best of luck!