Educational-IPad-Apps-StudentsiPads are the resultant of technological advancement in the world. With the evolution of these devices they have become very popular and common among the masses. You can find every next person with the iPads and using them in fulfilling variety of functions. Almost all businessmen carry them for variety of works and use them in their day to day life. But have you noticed that these small, handy, bright and easy to use iPads are not only useful for elders or youngsters, but can also act as a good means of learning for young children and students. Their attractive touch screen full of vibrant colors and good graphics acts as a good source of learning for students belonging to different ages of life.

Innovative Mode of Learning Things

Learning through iPad has revolutionized the traditional way of learning and cramming up the books. It is better way of learning than traditional mode of learning with pencil and paper due to factor like one can store thousands of apps in their iPads and can use them any time. Now children have broad perspective and have better understanding and learning with the aid of technological advanced device called iPad. It has augmented their level of knowledge with no problems like forgetting things. This was proved by the report of the study conducted with the help of Department of Education that showed that iPhone and iPad apps increased children’s vocabulary grasping power by 31 percent within a short span of two weeks. This fact loudly says the success story of iPads and iPhones apps available in the market.

If your child has recently joined any school and shows disinterest in learning basic things, then iPads will act as best solution for you. There are variety of apps which are helpful for toddlers as well as other students belonging to different age and classes. These apps are provided below:

Kid arts - With the aid of Kid arts children can learn drawing, painting and can develop a sense of art in them which can also become good career in their future life.

Flash cards - iPad app like flash cards, photo touch, true or false, match the following etc. are also important and vital for students to develop a better understanding and learning. Counting bears, little spellers etc. etc. are the variety of iPad apps that are available on iTunes made for making the task of learning as fun and enjoyment for students.

Math Board or Math Bingo– Almost every student is found to fear from mathematics. The main reason behind this fear is the cliché mode of teaching offered by teachers that makes the subject boring for students and they become weak in that. But iPad apps like Math Board or Math Bingo facilitates students to learn all formulas, easy method of solving questions and creates an interest among them with the help of which they become intelligent and smart in the subject.

Penultimate – If your children have poor or bad handwriting then this app will assist him a lot in improving his handwriting and taking it to the next level. This digital organizational tool will assist you in making words and sketches that you can practice many times and improve it.

iStory for kids - is also one of the interactive iPad app through which students learn the interest of reading story books and make them a part of their life. Whole story in form of pictures and portraits are offered to students so that they can go through them in a better way and learn it with interest. Other than this, iPad aaps like Sudoku, e-books, audio books etc., aid people in learning and writing variety of languages and also make them learn a better way of expression. These apps not only develop acumen in students but also act as great mental exercise, which makes them innovative as well as intelligent in their desired field.

History Maps of World- Maps of all countries, states and cities is offered by this interactive app of iPad. High resolution and interactive maps are offered in this app that makes the task of learning Geography easy for students. 

Auditory workout- This iPad app will make students improves their language. With the help of this tool, a student can learn better pronunciation, correct spellings and the confidence to speak variety of languages in front of others.

iStudiez Pro – Aids or organize in keeping a track of your class work, homework and assignments. It also makes a to-do list for students in which they can prioritize all their work and complete them as per their requirements. With the help of this app they can schedule their work, list out the important things to do and can fix their routine. This is the best way to make students learn a better and disciplined life and minimize the wastage of time which is must while being a student.

Virtual History – If you are unable to grasp the facts of history then this app will assist you a lot. The interactive pictures, functions and multimedia content will create your interest in this subject and will make you learn it in a better way.

Apps for disabled students - iPad apps like App Writer supports or aids the people with reading and writing disability. It helps them to read and write in a better way or manner. It is useful for students of all ages who are unable to read or write properly. offers an easy app for you to change all your documents into PDF files. You can use this PDF to Word converter tool for your day to day work. It is one of the very beneficial apps which are needed by every student in every step of their life. PDF to Word converter

All the iPad apps offered in iTunes as customized which enable parents or teachers to mould it as per their requirements. They can change the text, pictures, and font’s everything according to their children’s need and provides the maximum benefit to him.

Author bio: John is a teacher by profession in one of the universities of London. He also spend his free time writing on blog and reviewing best tools for students that are present online and can make their work easier. Recently he has written about an excellent PDF combiner which is also a brilliant tool for converting all your documents and files in PDF format.