Best-Environment-Apps-Android-UserDo you have a smart phone? Due to the advancement in technology there are a lot of apps for android users that have developed to make life more interesting with Smartphone. You may like different apps in your phone depending on your likes. There are those who would like Smartphone with great music apps for their entertainment as they like music while others will like Smartphone with great surfing apps to enable them enjoy using the internet. You may be a person who likes things to do with environment conservation. Android app manufacturers have considered your need for apps on your Smartphone to enable you access different resources using the apps for you to achieve in accomplishing green life. The following are the 5 Best Environmental Apps for Android Users.

My Recycle List

This is one of the best recycling facility locator that you should not miss in your android phone in case you are a person who will like to conserve the environment. The app is easy to use where it makes use of GPS to locate for you as a user the nearest facility where you can seek recycling services from. The app makes life so simple up to the extent of locating exact place where you can recycle different types of materials. Remember different types of waste materials will require different facilities to recycle. Using the app you will be able to identify a specific facility that deals with specific types of materials in your locality. The app is available free where you can easily download it from free of charge. Apart from being available on android phones you can also find it on apple devices.


This is an app that you should not miss in your phone in case you like fruits and vegetables. Using the app you can easily locate places in your locality where the fruits are found for you to buy. The app is able to give you information in addition to the places where the fruits are found it provides you with useful information on how to prepare the fruits and vegetable for you to achieve the best nutritionally. It uses Local Dirt technology to enable connection of buyers and sellers. It is available for both apple devices and in the android market free of charge.

Good Guide

This is a free app that you can have on your android phone or apple device. It works using simple bar code, where it searches for different products which you can buy that are environmental friendly. The app has an advantage of comparing many products in the market for you to buy. It presents the products in a list where you can easily get to know their benefits and risks before buying. Using the app you can easily customize it to create shopping lists for you to make you’re shopping easy.

Light Bulb Finder

This is a mobile app that is free for you to install in your mobile phone. You can easily install it either in your android phone or in your apple device. The app works in a way that it makes you search for a bulb that is environment friendly. The app is designed to compare light bulbs that are used in different uses so that you can be able to select the best. This is an important app in case you will like to set up lighting systems in different places of your premises. The app won the 2011(EPA) award.


This is an app that allows you as a user to stay updated on current news on the environment issues. The app allows users who are cautious about environment conservation to share different news on the green environment using their phone books. The app is available for both apple devices and android phones. With the device the user is able to access a lot of information on the environmental matters from different sources.

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