Interior-Decorating-canvas-wallWhen you are styling your room it’s not essential to remember and follow rules since decor depends on your style and theme and there must be no restriction in art but some rules are still important to learn since only then you will be able to tweak them to result in your personalised decor. Learning some basic rules is also necessary if you are a beginner; they will provide a guideline and basic easy steps where from you can move further to designing a perfect space. Here are some tips that must be kept in mind:

  • Do Discover Your Style

Your space should represent you and what you love to create a perfect fit for you; otherwise even a very gorgeous place may just not seem very homely and calming. For discovering your style need to find inspiration and that can be obtain from anywhere or anything that you love such as music, fashion, travelling, photography, nature, movies, TV shows etc. Further browse interior magazines, websites and follow redecorating shows, you can easily fall in love with something that is completely according to your taste and house structure.

  • Do Shop For Large Items First

Large or main items such as the bed, sofas, huge rug or dining table etc. should be shopped for first whenever you decorate as the rest of the items in the room should align with this items design, material and colour. Cushions, canvas prints, blinds, wall clocks, side tables and chairs etc. can be purchased later after you have carefully planned and though of the decor around the large, main items. If small items are shopped for first you may not find a suitable main to go with the decor, this way more importance is laid on important pieces.

  • Do Plan Out A Colour Scheme

Before adding in items a colour scheme must be thought of well and in detail for each item and each part of the room including floors, ceiling, walls, furniture, wall canvas, lamps, drapes and every thing. When there is a plan laid out its hard to mess up and go wrong especially preventing your house looking like a clowns or out of place. A neutral shade should be used as a balance while two more shades can be used with one being dark to add boldness or depth.

  • Do Consider The Function Of A Room

Before purchasing items or beginning to decorate, the function of a room should be strongly kept in mind. Some rooms serve a double purpose such as you may want your kids to do their homework on the dining table while a living room can double as a library or a certain bedroom may double as a storage room. When all purposes will be kept in mind you will be able to easily decorate and shop as you will be buying a dining table with drawers and extra cabinets for the room where books and stationery etc. can be stored for example.

Author Bio: Author designs wall canvas and canvas printing to be used for home decor while writes articles on techniques to perfect DIY decor. He also writes about Latest home tips that how home could be decor by photo on canvas and various types of decoration techniques.