Get-Website-Traffic-Using-Social-Media-MarketingIf you are a blogger or business owner, you should know that social media marketing is the most popular form of marketing to bring in traffic flow to your site. Social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn can help you reach a larger audience, which will bring more traffic to your site. Every business or blog owner knows that marketing can be expensive but with social media, marketing opportunities can be free! Below is a simple guide on how to increase blog traffic to your site via social media marketing.

Publish Regular Updates

Using Twitter or Facebook profiles, update your page with links to content of your site. With blog posts, you can even set up automatic publishing so that your LinkedIn account, Google+ and more will automatically publish to your social media profile to allow your contacts to view. This option is available via the profile settings of your social media account.

Follow Me Status

Another option you can add to your site is the Follow Me status. With your blog or website, add your social media icons so visitors can connect with you on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This gives people instant access to your blog.


It is also important to have a signature. You can add an email signature or use your signature on forums to give people access to your website for blog. This simple link will give instant access to your information which makes it easier for you to bring in traffic to your site.

Connect with Other Blogs

Another option you can use is connecting with other blogs. If you can locate blogs or companies that can use your services, you can publish comments on their social media page or join conservations to be seen by potential traffic. When doing this, be sure to include a URL to your site so that it is viewable to those visiting the social media site.

Sharing Links

You can also make it simple and easy for people to be able to share your blog posts or website with others. This can be done on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and so much more. Most social networking sites offer share buttons so users have the ability to share what they like with others. So, post content that others will enjoy and then it can catch on and be shared with millions of people. This is one of the most common ways that social media sites can help with traffic flow. As people share your content, it will be viewed by more people and you will have even more followers and visitors to your website or blog.

If you are a business owner or blog owner, take advantage of social media networks. Use that networks you are already connected to and join others to begin using this free marketing service. You will not only save money on your marketing services but you will also bring in more traffic to your website.

Author Bio. Rachel Smith is an avid social media user who understands the benefit of using social media networks for marketing blogs or websites. She also works as a marketing consultant from the U.S. She believes in placing most of your marketing efforts online to reach the maximum number of people. She sees social media marketing as the future because of the flexibility to work with potential customers on both a local and international level. She also writes for Eyeflow Internet Marketing on topics such as Local online marketing