Google search can also be used for conversion of currency with the help of currency converter. Google’s currency converter is an old feature which has now been revived with new updates and techniques containing more information and made simpler for the users. Mentioned below are some currency conversion tips that will be helpful while using currency converter in Google search. For any system it is apparently important to maintain database of the currency conversions.

Though currency conversion in Google is not precise still it is convenient for users. The basic tip one must understand is that on using in place of own country’s domain, one has to first convert own country’s currency to US dollar and then proceed in further currency conversion.

Tips for using Google Search as Currency Converter:

  • For converting any currency to your nation’s currency, first know the country’s currency code. For an instance, ‘czk’ refers to Czech Koruna. The currency code should be followed by equals sign however it is not necessary when a number is added before the code.
  • For converting US dollars to your country’s currency, type $ sign and enter for obtaining the result. Or its country code i.e. ‘usd’ can also be typed. Similarly numbers can be added before or after the code or & sign for the respective conversions.
  • For converting one country’s currency to another country’s currency, type either of the currency codes and the result will be obtained. For an instance to convert US dollars to euro type ‘usd’ to ‘eur’ and to convert euro to dollar type ‘eur’ to ‘usd’. Goggle will accept ‘eurusd’, ‘eurusd’ also.
  • In case one wants to convert multiple amounts, each of different currencies into one’s own currency then format of writing will be ‘100 usd+ 60 czk + 20 eur’.
  • In case of converting multiple amounts, each of different currencies into another country’s currency, the format will be ‘100 usd+ 60 czk + 20 eur = gbp’ then the result will be obtained in British’s currency.
  • The above two formats can also the examples of the arithmetic operations of different type of currencies whose result is obtained in different currency.
  • Often people don’t remember the country’s currency codes, in situations like this one have to type the entire country’s name. For example, Sweden to Japan currency. The typing process is longer in this type of cases.
  • Similarly one can also write the currencies names for conversion. For example, 50 dollars to 90 euro.
  • To make the operation simpler, after any conversion of currency Google allows the user to change the amount as well as currency name on the widget from the lists and get quicker result.
  • Google has also made the feature user friendly by placing user choice currencies on the top as one can swap the currency name quicker by just selecting from the drop drown list.

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