Best-Mobile-SmartphonesMaybe you are new to the world of smartphones, or perhaps you are coming up to the end of your existing phone contract and are looking for a new, modern device to accompany you on your everyday life. Either way, it’s likely that you are looking to do a bit of research into which smartphone would best suit your needs and lifestyle. Maybe you want to know which has the best features or apps, or most powerful camera. With this in mind we have compiled a short guide of four of the very best smartphones available right now.

Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone is, without doubt, the most well-known smartphone available on the market and has been so ever since the first edition was released way back in 2007. The latest offering - the iPhone 5 - is the most powerful yet, with a larger screen size than its predecessors to keep up with the current trend of more visual space for media and playing games. It has has a slim and sleek design, with a lighter weight than ever before, despite its premium glass casing and feel. The iPhone is also by far the most expensive option though, with Apple playing up to its premium and exclusive tag.

Samsung Galaxy S4

By far the most popular Android smartphone on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is still a relatively recent addition to the current generation of mobile technology. Samsung prides itself on offering features found on no other phone, and with the S4 they have done it again with a quad-core Snapdragon processor, a 5-inch full HD screen and things like Group Share Play. It also sells itself on the benefit that it can be customisable in terms of memory - allowing users to increase the internal storage with a micro SD card, as well as replace the battery if they wish to do so.

Google Nexus 4

A great option for those who want a smartphone packed with features, yet don’t want to get stuck into a lengthy contract with one of the main mobile providers, the Google Nexus 4 is usually available to buy straight from the Google Play store for a snippet of the price of something like the iPhone. Featuring a pure Android operating system, the main advantage of the Nexus is its speed and the fact that it receives Android updates before any other phone on this OS.


HTC is one of the most popular manufacturers of smartphones, though has lost ground somewhat to Samsung in recent times. With the HTC One however, they have managed to produce another phone which should easily be able to compete with the S4 and potentially even the iPhone 5. It uses the same Snapdragon quad-core processor as the Samsung offering, whilst it offers a premium look and feel with a stunning 1080p HD screen. This phone also runs on Android and offers all of the features and apps you would expect from an ultra-modern device.

About the author. Billy James is a technology reviewer who often advises people on how to find the best phone deals online using a range of techniques.