Data-Center-Boost-Growing-BusinessBusiness growth and advances in technology go hand in hand. As companies expand, the amounts of data they use also increases. It is not uncommon for firms to invest a great deal of capital in acquiring new business, and that adds to the data it must use in order to operate properly. Data centers house, manage and safeguard essential and critical data so that businesses may streamline and save on operation costs for improved profits. Below are the main reasons why data centers continue to be essential for small business growth.


Data centers update their processors in order to provide the kinds of sizable upgrades that small companies need in order to keep pace. One of the ways that data center operations does this is by providing easier upgrades which minimize business administrative costs. Additional storage may also be added as needed. These are all critical aspects for managing small business data.


Security services at data centers are essential for protecting vital information that companies use on a day to day basis. Much of the information used and stored is sensitive and pertains to both the business itself and clients it serves. Therefore, physical access is always strictly controlled at data centers so that both damage and intrusion are prevented. Premises use multiple security systems by video logging and cross checking so that access to data is always restricted to protect critical business systems.


Data centers provide businesses with scaled bandwidth at reasonable price points. In particular, websites use high bandwidth applications that would otherwise be cost prohibitive for small businesses. All companies need access to the highest quality bandwidth to allow for growth based upon their specific needs.

Power Supply

Data centers come with extended power supply systems that are designed to prevent failure. For small businesses, this means that power outages will not affect their business operations, since data centers employ redundancy and battery backup systems. Without interruption in up-time, businesses protect their availability at all times to staff and clients. Most data center service plans include an up-time guarantee to give small businesses added peace of mind.

Data Safety

Data centers are usually located in environments where hazards are rare. Therefore, the likelihood that natural disasters will occur is low. Because of this, hardware, software and data is protected at all times. For instance, precautions are always taken against temperature fluctuations, flooding and other physical disasters.

Lower Costs

Since there is no infrastructure cost with data center service, small businesses may save on those typical expenses. As needed, additional equipment can be added and customized. For small businesses, every cost that can be saved or reduced is critical to their survival and makes it more possible for them to expand.

Small business owners particularly benefit from the flexibility, security and monitoring services that data centers provide. When data is accessible and safeguarded at all times, businesses can concentrate on ways to improve their business processes and increase their client base rather than where and how their data is being managed. This proves to be invaluable for all types of companies, so that they may get and stay competitive in an ever changing business world.

As an independent author, promoter, and artist, Molly Pearce is always looking for ways to increase business and save money through technological advantages. She uses a data center service from Quality Tehnology Service because their 12 locations around the country ensure lightning fast web hosting and dependable data storage.