Windows 8 for Mobile Phones - Salvation for HTCHTC’s financial results of the last period leaves too much to be desired. Comparing to 2011 year’s sales take-off, current results are not so impressive. However, the company hopes that after release of new products that based on WP 8 situation will change.

So, parade of September’s novelties continues. This week, following Nokia, Motorola and Amazon, Apple will make presentation. And in a week after Apple’s event, HTS is making new show. Invitations for the event are already sent. Most likely that additionally to all expected Android-devices, HTC also will announce new devices based on Windows 8.

High market competition shifted Taiwan company’s interests toward Microsoft platform. HTC profits continue to decline. In August the company sold equipment for just over $ 800 million – it is about 4% less than in July.

Comparing with last year’s August, sales of HTC fell by 47%. Comparing to 2011, situation on the market for HTC has changed dramatically – last summer company was on the peak of success.

In first two quarters of 2011 it was able even to double sales! Experts alarms: it is obvious that now HTC needs to change strategy in order to get back keep its positions in this area.

In 2010-11 popularity of HTC smartphones HTC grew up with an interest to the newest platform - Android. Taiwanese company used that moment and jumped into the top manufacturers. But now Android-smartphone is produced by most of companies in this segment of market, even Chinese manufactures producers. In the middle-price segments of Android-smartphone devices now steadily leads Samsung, the leader of global market. The second strongest player on this market - Apple has with its own platform iOS, which is not accessible from other vendors.

And, according to the Gartner’s forecast, Windows Mobile Phone’s share will grow from 4% in 2012 to 10% in 2013. Same time share of iOS-devices will rise slightly - from 22% to 23.1%, while the share of Android-based smartphones will fall from 60% to 58%.