Google Q1 revenue and profits up, Motorola still posts a lossGoogle actually had a wonderful start of the year 2013 with a blooming profit as they had up to $14.0 billion revenue. This was actually an increase by 31% year on year.

According to the Google’s CEO Larry, this was quite a wonderful start and he also gave some information about the Motorola phones and Android mobile search.

The financials of the Google, Motorola and the Androids

It was clear through the source that Google actually reported revenue of up to $13.97 billion as well as the operating system of 25% of the revenue which amounted to $3.48.

This was quite a big improvement that the Google had since their net income amounted to $3.35 billion compared to the first quarter of last year when they had $2.89 billion. This shows that they actually moved fast enough in terms of the income from $2.89 billion last year to $3.35 quarter this year.

It was unfortunate that even though Google made up to 93% of revenue, Motorola only contributed 7% of this and actually posted the operating loss of up to $271 million. It seems that this phone maker Motorola is giving a loss and need some kind of help to improve.

The battery lives of the phones and the durability

According to Google CEO, the battery can be a challenging issue to many people as they carry their chargers walking with them because the battery cannot take them throughout the whole day. This actually require some modifications when it comes to the battery of the phone that can be very low and does not last for long to serve you in using your device as a user. This also applies to the durability of the phone that can be very poor.

He explains that there should be perfection in technology to ensure that your phone does not shatter down when it falls down accidentally by mistake. Your tablet’s screen should also not be able to die when your child accidentally spills water on it.

He revealed that some of the upcoming products from Motorola will actually have such qualities and this made him very excited because the mobile maker is developing to ensure satisfaction of customers through their products and services. The Google’s CEO also talked about Fiber, Gmail and Adwords as part of the progress. He was also excited that glass is getting to be the way forward for the technology.

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