Mistakes a PR Professional Should Never MakePR professionals are responsible for helping companies promote their message in a creative and imaginative way. They assess what the company’s brand image is and what their target audience will be, then they craft creative press releases and other attention-getters to submit to the media outlets.

Although PR professionals always strive to do their best when promoting a business, sometimes they make mistakes. Here are some of the common blunders that PR professionals make and how you can avoid them.

  • Delete negative comments from social media profiles. This only infuriates the customer who has left the comment and shows you are trying to cover something up. Instead, leave their comment up but respond to their criticism as best you can.
  • Churn out news releases with no strategy or reasoning behind them. You are only wasting your time and everyone else’s if you don’t write a quality press release which actually has interesting information.
  • Not knowing who you are sending your press releases to. If someone calls and responds, you should know who they are and not have to ask them for information.
  • Using cliché words such as “game-changing” and “revolutionary”. These words just make it sound like you are desperate to oversell your product. They are also so overused in marketing that they don’t really mean anything to people anymore.
  • Failing to include information about the product itself in the press release. If you don’t link to the actual product information in your press release, no one will take the time to hunt it down themselves.
  • Forgetting that magazines, newspapers and other media have a lead time so you will need to get something in early if you want it published at any particular date.
  • Submitting a poorly written press release. The press release is all you have to catch the reader’s attention, so if it has errors, spelling mistakes, poorly worded sentences or other mistakes this will turn off your readers right away.
  • When you send out press releases, be prepared with answers when someone phones up to ask more questions. If you do not impress on the follow up you might lose the chance to be featured.
  • Not thinking outside the box. You don’t have to stay with the old PR methods, especially because the world is changing so quickly. Why not think of new ways to attract attention?

These are some of the mistakes that PR professionals should never make. When businesses invest in Online PR by Berkley PR they will have the help of experienced PR professionals who know how to avoid these blunders.