Remote control toys have come a long way since the products that many of us played with during childhood. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for children, or you just fancy reliving your younger, more carefree days, these options will provide you with plenty of food for thought.          

DH Dragonfly 2 channel remote control helicopter

The DH Dragonfly remote control helicopter is a perfect choice for beginners. By using the two channel remote control, users can hover, move up, down, spin tail left and spin tail right. It’s powered by two electrical motors and can reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. It’s ideal for use in large indoor spaces or outdoors when there’s little to no wind.It’s guaranteed to be a hit with those who love helicopters.

Range Rover Sport HSE remote control car

If you’re buying a present for a Range Rover lover but can’t quite stretch your budget to the real thing, a remote control version could be the next best option. They’re surprisingly realistic and despite having a 1:24 size ratio of the full sized car, the detailing is impressive. It needs to be used on a smooth, flat surface as there’s no suspension, meaning that it’s best for indoor use.

Mayhem Stealth remote control speed boat

As technology progresses, there’s an impressive range of remote control toys becoming available that can be used in water. The Mayhem Stealth remote control speed boat makes a great choice if you’re looking for something to be used off-land. It’s capable of speeds of up to 18 miles per hour and it’s exceptionally good at handling corners. The battery power can last for around half an hour from one charge, meaning that there’s plenty of scope for giving it a good go out on the water.


Thomas the Tank Engine remote control tank

Thomas the Tank Engine has been a firm favourite amongst children for many years, and this remote control tank is suitable for those aged 18 months plus, making it ideal for introducing little ones to interactive toys from an early age. It’s brightly coloured and can be moved forwards, backwards and around corners. It also makes realistic engine sounds such as whistles and chugs. There’s a funnel which lights up red when it’s moving, making it seem even more realistic.

Baxter the Amazing remote control dog

Not everyone loves cars and helicopters, and Baxter is a great remote control dog for children who enjoy playing with animals. The cute and fluffy dog will chase after his ball and return it to his owner, whilst making a range of realistic sounds. The remote control is in the shape of a bone, adding an extra dimension of fun to the experience.


With such a wide range of remote control toys available, there’s bound to be one that will make a great present for the next birthday you’re planning for. Visit for a great selection of remote control toys and other fun merchandise.

Image Credits: 3 Wise Monkeys and pussycat007.