As Google Reader isn’t there anymore, what to use nowThe popular RSS product ‘Google Reader’ has died leading to a sorry state of affairs of the sales people as most were reliant on the tool to search prospective customers. Though it has become tricky to have easiness in gathering intelligence in sales, people can still find a way and make use of various other tools that are available in market. However, that is not easy. It might take a considerable amount of time to conduct research, so that different tools can be found on web that would prove practical to get the latest updates with alerts. This way, it may become possible to develop and maintain reliance, which in turn can prove helpful to have simple sales. Some other useful tools that can be exploited by the sales professionals are as under:

  • Implementation of a fresh RSS Reader – By this, it is suggested to make use of the all new sources of feeds that can be used competently. For example, ‘Feedly pinned’. By using such tools, sales people can actually get started with the proper work. Besides, other tools such as ‘Pulse’ and ‘Old reader’ can be used to have regular feeds with respect to the prospective clients that can help to have concrete sales with significant increase.
  • Effectual Use of Google Alerts – The Google alerts tools is still available and can be used successfully by people indulged in sales to gain as much benefits as possible. For that, the tool has to be exported and absorbed in the new source of RSS feeds. This way, notifications keeps coming in with respect to the latest news and updates that takes place in the related industry in which one is working in.
  • Better Utility of a Private Twitter Account – Making use of a separate twitter account can prove handy to keep up professionalism while dealing with major clients as well as experts in the industry. Here, an entirely private list of prominent people from the allied industry can be followed which in turn helps to get an insight into the latest happenings and proceedings in which they which they are engaged. Besides, one can also get hands-on information with respect to the prospective clients and can find out what they are in fact involved with. However, it is important to maintain a small list of such people so that great information of value keeps pouring in.
  • Try to make a Smart Use of Various Commercial Softwares’ Available in Market – Various software tools available in market can be used by the sales professionals as per their requirement. Most of the IT companies have developed useful products such as that can be used to get news in the form of alerts. Similarly, various application are getting built up that can prove helpful to channelize the cycle of sales and to close as much deals as possible.
  • Sensible Usage of Blogs as well as News Feeds – Creating blogs and putting latest news and information regarding the latest events and happenings is a good way to get in touch with the probable clients. Similarly, URLs of the prospects can be shared by means of RSS feeds that would prove helpful to get all the updates regarding their updates. This way, gap between the prospects can be brought down to a negligible level which can help both the parties to make the sales proceedings smooth and uncomplicated.

Apart from the above things, one can also make use of professional social media tools such as LinkedIn. By getting in touch with the clients, maximum information regarding them can be made available that can prove beneficial to understand the prospective customers in a better way. Besides, various other free forms of social tools such as Newsle, and NutshellMail can be used. However, the importance of a thorough research cannot be neglected, as it is the fundamental thing that can really help an individual to catch real good and effective sales.

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