Ways To Increase Traffic To Your BlogA look around will definitely tell you that blog commenting is a very effective way of increasing traffic. Many bloggers have resulted to this simple strategy after testing and finding its hidden power. Among other things, post comments have a way of exposing your blog and making it attractive to both fellow bloggers and readers. It gives you control over your visitors, prompts subscribers and makes other bloggers want to leave a comment in your blog for a link-back.

What am I saying in essence? Article commenting can help you expose your own blog or build traffic whether you are commenting in other people’s blogs or you are generating comments on your own. However, I am going to show you several safe ways through which you can generate more traffic to your site with constructive commenting in contradiction to other traffic generating strategies that may eventually harm you. 

Explore Google To Your Profit

Do a search on Google for those exact keywords that you’re using. Visit the first 5 results and leave useful comments on each. Yes, they are your competitors’ blogs but considering the fact that you are looking for more exposure which they already have, you can use them to achieve your aim.

Register With CommentLuv Plugin

This is a program where you can comment on people’s blog to leave a link through which those who are interested in knowing more about what you have to offer could find you. There are several tips that can help you to get the best out of this feature. First, you must make your comments useful and targeted to the topic of discussion. Second, you should end your comments with a call to action and finally, you should study and know how to use CommentLuv. Install the plugin in your blog in order to encourage readers to come often to read your posts, leave comments and get links back to their own blog posts. This way you encourage the interaction between your readers and different opinions will be expressed and discussed. Moreover, you become a part of a huge community of bloggers. Take your time to explore its usefulness but be patient with spammers.

Follow Other Blogs and Take Advantage of Social Media

Commenting on other blogs on your niche will not only gain you more exposure but will also advertise your expertise. Quality regular comments in at least 45 to 60 other blogs are good ways of link-building that will expose you. Spend enought time to grow your social media circles and market yourself there aggressively. Be polite and add value to the threads you participate.

Reference To Posts And Comments

In other people’s blogs, you might notice a comment that is pulling the crowd. Referencing to it with another call to action but qualitative comment is a great way of getting noticed. You can also make reference to other posts from other blogs and have them do same for you. The result is amazing.

Attach Hyperlinked Keyword To Your Comments - KeywordLuv Plugin

There is a tool that you could use to do this; example is the keywordluv plugin. This feature auto highlights and underlines the first keyword after @ in your comments without spaces. For instance, when you write your name@yourkeywordwithoutspace, the keyword is hyperlinked. This feature will also gain you traffic from the search engines when those keywords are searched. Install it at your blog, too, to encourage bloggers to visit you regularly.

Another Powerful Method Is By Asking A Question

Questions do inspire curiosity. If you clicked through to a blog and found it of a very high quality, asking a question can lead to a relationship with the author and possibly linking your own blog (most times). This is still a good way of building back links to your blog thereby gaining more exposure from the ranking blogs. A question at your title will increase readership.

Steven is a tech writer who blogs about online data backup services and virtualization. He runs the VeryBestSoftware.Net where he gives technology news, software and application reviews and coupons. He likes to interact with other bloggers through commenting and social media.